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Die Jagd - Chapter 2: Back in the U.S.S.R.
Die Jagd: A 1983: Doomsday Stories Fanfiction
En-Route to Berlin Tempelhof Airport, Former West Berlin. Kingdom of Prussia. July 2017.
Chapter 2: Back in the U.S.S.R.

...The Soviet Politburo and Berlin Consulate continues to remain silent on the issue of a KGB-backed assassination attempt against a member of His Majesty’s diplomatic corps. The diplomat, whose name has been censored for security reasons, has since been discharged from the hospital and has been forced to take a temporary leave of absence…”
“It’s already been four days since I was nearly put down… Now it seems that the good old East-West finger-pointing has returned in full force…”
“So, you don’t think it was KGB meddling?” Gilbert Beilschmidt replied to his long-time friend with a suspicious tone in his voice. The albino mulled over the diplomat’s words for a moment before glancing out the window, only to
:iconkitfisto1997:KitFisto1997 6 4
Die Jagd - Chapter 1: Blue Monday
Die Jagd: A 1983: Doomsday Stories Fanfiction
Charité, Berlin University of Medicine, Former West Berlin. Kingdom of Prussia. July 2017.
Chapter 1: Blue Monday
< How does it feel to treat me like you do?
When you've laid your hands upon me and told me who you are...
I thought I was mistaken, I thought I heard your words...
Tell me how do I feel,
Tell me now, how do I feel? >

The familiar noise of the electric drum kit, which was quickly followed by the soft vocals of one of New Order’s members, was the first thing that Marcus heard when he finally came to. The sudden shock of pain that he’d felt when the bullet slammed into his shoulder had now been reduced to that of a dull ache after the surgery, but he knew to expect it by now, as he’d been shot at many times before. Marcus had taken almost any kind of bullet imaginable, from mere pistol rounds to assault-tier calibres
:iconkitfisto1997:KitFisto1997 6 2
Die Jagd - Prologue: Opening Shots
Die Jagd: A 1983: Doomsday Stories Fanfiction
New British Embassy, Former East Berlin. Kingdom of Prussia. July 2017.
Prologue: Opening Shots

The humid, rain-soaked streets of the ancient city of Berlin were teeming with life, despite the torrential downpour that had been enveloping this little portion of central Europe for the past week or so. The buildings that ran along the Wilhelmstrasse thoroughfare acted as the new diplomatic centre for the Prussian kingdom, with the New British Embassy being among one of the buildings that were formerly the property of the old East German regime.
The main foyer of the embassy was nearly filled to the brim, as diplomatic staff from both New Britain and Prussia were spending their short lunch break stocking up on whatever coffee and sandwiches were available at the time, before making the long march back to their offices or conference rooms. The loud din of the thunderstorm had been reduced to a mere whimper by the solid brick walls of the
:iconkitfisto1997:KitFisto1997 11 8
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Last days of D.D.R. Grepos
These are very rare patches from the last days of D.D.R. Border Police..they went from being a special detachment of VolksPolizei (Deutsche GrenzPolizei) to being a military border police in 1960 and then back to being in the police yet again for late 1989. In mid June 1990 border controls ended and thus they were phased out.


Paul Spain
United States
Former state of Illinois security officer
(Illinois Executive Security) 2005-2007

Former Illinois State Fair security officer

Mid America/Defender Service security officer

Favorite drink: Cappuccino

Favorite game system: PS3

PC: HP Pavilion a6430f, :XD:

Hobbies: Collecting coins,Good PS1,PS2,and PS3 games,international police memorabilia,watching TV,watching my Russian Blue ((Chernobyl)) act silly :XD:

Languages: English & some German

To all who want to get started collecting things here is some good addresses:
Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg
Behörde für inneres polizei
3120097 Hamburg

Jürgen Schedalke
Member of I.P.A.
Tannenallee 51c
Reinbeck 5

You can also catch me from time to time here:…

Current Residence: In the great state of Illinois
Print preference: my printer..Duh.
Favourite genre of music: Country
Favourite style of art: I draw on paper with a pencil then go over that in pen and erase the pencil. I rarely draw nowthough
Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate
MP3 player of choice: Don't have one..They're too damn high.
Shell of choice: .44 Magnum and .357 Magnum
Wallpaper of choice: CIA
Skin of choice: Uh,,Pork rinds..Yum yum..BBQ Pork rinds
Favourite cartoon character: Aeon Flux
Personal Quote: I have nothing to fear but fear it's self
Been a long while since I updated you'all on how things went..That is because turns out my inital fears with my lovely cat Chernobyl were confirmed, She had indeed got Lymphoma as a result of exposure when she was at the power plant before she found me that day, After the inital exam and the vet's inital diagnosis I took her to a specialist as my local vet was not a specialist and only a basic vet, The new vet offered Chemo but Chernobyl had quit eating and was starving her self, She'd only eat a bite here-there and drink some water, Thus the vet couldn't start Chemo cause you have to be in good shape to start it,further she had jaundice so somehow her liver is also involved now :( (Sad), So after a basic reexam by the new vet and tests run for cat AIDS and Luekemia,then a blood test that was way more thural than my local vet could do everything came back ok healthwise other than the Lymphoma and 1 enzyme in her liver was out of whack. It was the vet's hope and mine that she would gradually fatten back up and then later he could slice a bit of a Lymphoma off to see how far it had went along and if Chemo was a viable option or not. and the I was sent home with special highly fatty and high in calories and cholesterol food to give her that was like mush, As she wouldn't eat I also was given a large syringe to poke this down her with..She was prescribed 2 antibiotics and a medicine to make her hungry so she'd want to eat..She took: 1/8 pill the hunger pill once daily, 1/2 a antibiotic pill daily, and 1CC a liquid antibiotic twice daily..

While I was able to get all her meds down her at first and ON TIME (more on that later). The whole can a food thing didn't work at first, Her belly had shrunk from not eating so long and I had to give her a half can each day at first.

I informed my boss at work of what was going on and filed to work half shift only on some days, She was very kind and understanding, HOWEVER there is also a scheduler prick that is over her..He kept hitting me with over time to stay over late at work, Even when I explained to him what was going on and how I had a regimin I had to stick to this guy wouldn't budge, So as a result now Chernobyl was only getting the last med once vs twice a day as she should have, At first things seemed to improove, I no longer had to rub her throat and force her to swallow the food when pumped in (she never decided to start eating on her own again though) she finally had decided to swallow on her own when fed, Then Wednesday evening around 6:00 she took a new turn, Her breathing developed this snorey growl to it, I put her to bed with me while I slept before time to get ready for work that night, When I awoke I found she'd wondered off somewhere and wasn't in the bed, I called for her,Looked for her but couldn't find her, I had to get ready for work so I got ready and left..They say you can sense some things telepathically if something has happened to your child or pet, This I do believe as you mentally not just psychically bond with them.. 

At work on lunch break mid way through I got very nauseous and I knew the food wasn't and and I hadn't ate no bad food at home so I knew what it must have been :( (Sad)

As it came time to get off duty low and behold Mr. dick does his thing again and I'm hit, Got to stay over 4 hours again..I was so pissed..

I finally get off duty and all speed signs are a blur as I race to get home and find what I dread, Or maybe not..I just don't know, Sheriff friendly,Trooper friendly,and local Officer friendly all just sat at their usual spots and didn't chase me luckily.

I get home around 1:00, I call for Chernobyl (going to start the regimin) nothing, I call again,Nothing, I search but don't find her no where, After over a hour of looking I find her, very far under the kitchen chair,laying on her side, one eye looking straight ahead,one rolled all the way back in her head, DEAD :( (Sad)

I call and inform my mom,sis,and cousin of the loss and of something I have to do and it'll be a while before they see or hear from me again.

She had cleaned her self before she died but that was all,hadn't drunk no water,nothing,just laid there, Her water was still full untouched, I gently picked her up, laid her on the bed, Took a final pic of her with my cell, and was getting ready to jump in my car, confront that scheduler prick and beat the shit right out of him then force him to see the pic of what he had done :X (Mad) :X (Mad). However, Just as I'm heading to my car my phone rang, My mom,sis,and cousin all plead me out of what I'm about to do after a hour of pleading with me. They convince me Chernobyl wouldn't want that and wouldn't want to have me in jail over her death and that she is now my guardian angel and will watch over me. 

I will forever hold that partially responsible for the death of Chernobyl that day but I also know beating him up and grabbing his hair and forcing him to see a pic her dead would have only been temporary relief, Plus would have brought me far more trouble than needed, So alas I have decided just not to even speak to him unless spoke to or even associate around him, He goes his way and me mine, I don't approach him I just ignore him and all knows karma of course one day he'll pay, Just not by me or at my hand. 
  • Listening to: nothing
  • Reading: nothing right now
  • Watching: YouTube
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: TV dinners
  • Drinking: Wine


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