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"Skittles. What the heck is that?"
Red was... admiring the collection of assorted cactus needles presented to him by his young partner. They all appeared to be the same size - ideal for the idea that Skittles seemed to have.
"I know Robin said something about putting thorns in Reuben's bedsheets," he added, "but surely that's taking things a little far?"
"He's gonna need it," replied Skittles with a somewhat pathetic attempt at a scowl.
"You're not scaring anyone, you know," said Red dozily as he backed into the tent to continue his nap. Skittles simply picked the needles back up and recited her plan in her head.
1) Find Reuben's Tent
2) Get in without being spotted - if you are, Mr. Robin won't give you that coin!
3) Place needles in sheets, facing the ceiling if possible
4) Leave without being spotted
5) ???
Quietly, with the aid of Agility, Skittles slipped into Reuben's tent. She was somewhat tempted to stop and look around at the scenery. But, alas, there was no time for such behaviours - she had a Sleeveweasel to annoy!
Though she had to admit, for a tent, the place was pretty nice...
Muscles relaxed, Skittles silently made her way over to Reuben's bed - thankfully, it was unoccupied (Skittles assumed he had fancy business things to do because that was what fancy Pokémon did. She never got the fancy scene).
She carefully placed the long needles inside the bedsheets, each one equidistant to the other. Or at least, that's what she thought she was doing. What knowledge did she have of spatial awareness?
"...small Bunnelby child. I tell you what, she's been acting a little strange lately."
There were Pokémon talking outside the tent. If they were to become aware of Skittles's presence, her mission would be jeopardised. Skittles listened well.
"Are you sure she isn't plotting anything?"
"Oh, I wouldn't think anything of it," said another voice. "At worst, she'll probably just pull a few harmless pranks. Nothing serious. She's just a kid, anyway."
Phew, that was far too close. It's very lucky that nobody suspects anything of her. A major perk of only being six years old.
Skittles listened as footsteps told her those Pokémon from earlier were moving away from the tent. She opened the door slightly and scanned the scenery to ensure that no one could see her leave.
Surely enough, no one did.
Though she did look back out of curiosity and...
"Bro, did you hear someone leaving Reuben's tent just now?"
"The heat's getting to you. I ought to get you a drink before your hallucinations get too vivid..."
"B-But I could've sworn..."
Another lucky escape for Skittles the Swift! She'll need another reward for this... if all doesn't unthinkably go to pot.
Good Lord, I should've posted this ages ago...


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