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Surreal World 2008

Raizes sujetando un mundo irreal
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Illogic can be so wonderful, and you can visually show it so perfectly

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It is like in my dreams.This is amazing..How good it is. weeEEeeewww..
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Its awesome how 8 years later this image still works! Thanks for your comment :D
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Creativity has no statute of limitations  :happybounce: Wink/Razz 
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I joined Deviant Art today because of this piece!!! It is my favorite of favorites. 
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Your very welcome :)
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wonderfull job !!!! :)

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Hi can u tell me how your art can be used in an edit. Or if you allow that? I love tour art and many people in instagram are using deviantart pie es. Il love a reply to mu email. My IG account is am3parker
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Love this piece! Great work! :)
I have used this image as my desktop background for years - I love it and the story it tells! Today, I decided to look for the artist, because I wanted to see more of your work. I'm very glad to have found you.
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:) Your comment has gladdened the night, thanks
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just terrific
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I had a dream just like that...

so scary too se that there is a drawing just like it
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It combines all the elements of earth for it takes place in the underworld yet its in space. Amazing
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man this is awesome!
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Amazing! How do you do that?
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That is a piece of art! Just fantastic. Great work :)
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