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Some more art.
And something a little different. Its a primitive sauropodomorph from the late triassic period. Im happy with this.

Before any dinosaur fanatic who actually looks at this, starts complaining that its wrong (since Ive seen it happen before with others). I will provide a link with the reference picture I used, scanned directly from the book

See its pretty much the same. ¬¬

Art © :iconriok: 2007
reference image © Anness Publishing Ltd 2006, 2007
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© 2008 - 2021 Riok
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I was gonna say right before i read your description, 'hey, that looks like a dinosaur' :XD:

I :heart: dinos
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Yee. Ive been meaning to draw more dinosaurs. Ive done um 3 so far this year
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You're doing some amazing art lately, Riok!
Keep it up! :D
I LOVE dinosaurs, by the way...
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Thanks. I need to draw more dinosaurs.!
These recent stuff are some of my "not so good" stuff. But I dont see the point in uploading my better stuff if only 5 people are going to look at it XP
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I was just thinking, if you uploaded more of your better stuff, more people might look at your gallery, actually. Because when people see "aw, he's just uploading old work/stuff he doesn't think is as good" they might now feel as inclined to come check out your gallery.

Besides, you have tons more watchers and pageviews than I do, so don't get discouraged. :hug:
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Perhaps thats the case. I know the stuff Im uploading at the moment are way better then stuff from 3 years ago, but they still dont get the views etc that those do
I'll put up one tonight and see what happens
If not, i'll probably just end up leaving again
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I like its expression. Well done. ^^
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Lol. Thanks ^_^
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Tis an awesome depiction. :D :hug:
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Thankyou. I better draw more!
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Yes you better! :P
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