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eyes fall out
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i made a new account, i don't like this one anymore. i don't know if i want to give out the name but if you want you can note me just in case i decide that i'm just making this journal to let you know. the odds are i won't deactivate this account, at least not for a while. yeah, later and no, this isn't a joke. i don't really like fooling people believe it or not.
late night journal
i keep yawning so much i think some unlucky moth will fly into my mouth my back is also real tense and i haven't taken my medicine yet i want a massage and for someone to pet my hair either one works *yawns and tips over*
do you ever feel like you're the subject of someone's experiment? not pricking you with needles (thank goodness), but... like, observing your actions. how you react. reacting to things they set up. like a controlled environment that you don't know you're inside of. the person, whoever they are, is observing you... analyzing you... picking you apart. maybe it's not even things they really set up, it's how you react to them. who is "them"? exactly, i don't know. but it feels as if i'm being observed and... laughed at. and that whenever i discover just what's going on, they'll toss me away... do you ever feel like that?


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happy b day
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aww! you moved! ;A; how can i fine your new account?
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jughju; Ahhhhh. You moved. :'c ijuhjui Idon'tknowwheretofindyoueithersobsob.
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aaaaa rolls on in and poses, rose in mouth

hello, friend

how are things

good i hope
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rioIuHobbyist General Artist
they're well for the most part, and i hope things are well for you as well. i heard you were having some family troubles (i know you put it in a journal... which i didn't read... orz;;;).