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Crystal Pokemon Trainer Meme

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I've been working on this for the past few days. It gave me a good chance to play around with the backgrounds and learn how to manipulate the shape tools. It also gave me some time with the Motion Blur tool, which is now my latest obsession.

(Li'l background for those with too much time on their hands like me orz)

Crystal: My OC since elementary school. While her exterior hasn't gotten much revamp, her personality definitely has. She prefers the Electric type above all else, but knows better than to have a team full of just one type. Her necklace was something handed down to her from her mother before her mother was kidnapped and committed suicide. She now resides in the Johto area due to its fresher atmosphere and relaxes in the luxury of being a Pokemon Breeder and Scientist. She delves into psychology as a hobby, while she works at a Pokemon laboratory. Before I get tons of messages for this: I did not realize there was a Pokemon Crystal with the female character Crystal, so I did not plan her out that way. I just can't come up with a better name for her is all... orz

Jordin: Crystal's Jolteon. Not her very first Pokemon, but one of her oldest and most loyal, Jordin is the best trained in her arsenal of Pokemon. Jordin was the only Pokemon Crystal would frequently use in Pokemon Cool Contests. Her moveset consists of: Thunderbolt, Quick Attack, Double Kick, and Thunder Wave.

Uriel: Crystal's Umbreon. His high defense has made him a viable adversary to any Pokemon type, and his past was spent in a barren wasteland before being given to Crystal. His moveset consists of: Secret Power, Bite, Faint Attack, and Toxic.

Roxie: Crystal's Rotom. Roxie was a mischievous little creature in a dark forest before being caught by Crystal. Thanks to Crystal's delving in Pokemon science, Roxie knows Teleport, which is helpful to its trainer when in dangerous situations. However, due to the move being unnatural to its type, Roxie can teleport wherever it wants to, even against its trainer's wishes. Roxie's movest consists of: Discharge, Shock Wave, Shadow Ball, and Teleport.

Elektor: Crystal's Eelektross. Raised from a baby Tynamo, Elektor is a very devoted Pokemon. Thanks to Crystal's delving in Pokemon science, he knows Surf. Due to the move being unnatural to its type, Elektor also knows how to use Waterfall and Dive with the move, being added into the subject. His moveset consists of: Surf, Crunch, Spark, and Charge Beam.

Luxor: Crystal's Luxray. Another one of Crystal's older Pokemon, he was raised from a baby Shinx. Luxor has a female mate, Lura, who is used less in battle but is known to be stronger than Luxor. He is a merciless opponent and very territorial, known to get into disputes with even his own teammates. His movest consists of: Discharge, Crunch, Spark, and Bite.

Articuno: Crystal's Articuno. Articuno is the only Legendary besides Victini that Crystal keeps in her arsenal commonly. Articuno is in fact only a clone of the real Articuno, thus being a "faux Legendary" Pokemon. Crystal does not like to use Articuno in battle, for she believes it is "cheating". Articuno's moveset consists of: Fly, Ice Beam, Twister, and Defog.

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There is a person already named Crystal in pokemon.
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When I had made the character 13 years ago, I had no idea about Crystal (who was then named Krys/Chris in the series, and only later on called "Crystal" in the Adventures manga about a decade after Pokemon Crystal's release), since I had started out on Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald.

Three years after having done this meme, her name is now "Valissa" which was originally her middle name, and is outside of the Pokemon universe since I'm getting away from having fan characters. This meme is only up for nostalgia's sake and to show how far I've come art-wise.
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Ok... So much information I didn't need.
RioDiGennaio's avatar
You did, if you didn't know why she was named what she was.
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Wait... Is she in the Johto region, but her hometown is Pallet?
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She's in the Johto region. Her hometown is Pallet town. Like how some are from Pallet town, but traverse through the Johto region at times. Like Bill, Prof. Oak, some of the Gym Leaders, etc.
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nice team, heres mine
my team
samurott (shogun)
typhlosion (vulcan)
torterra (gaia)
luxray (blackbolt)
aerodactyl (terrorwing)
hydreigon (diablo)
RioDiGennaio's avatar
w00t! I love the variety! :D
phoenixdragongod's avatar
thanks! took me almost a week to breed them to get the right natures and stats
RioDiGennaio's avatar
Whoooaaaa, now THAT'S earnest breeding. Props to thee~! :D
phoenixdragongod's avatar
thanks again, you can find more details about them in my gallery so please take a look at them
RioDiGennaio's avatar
phoenixdragongod's avatar
thanks and leave a comment or something
RioDiGennaio's avatar
Niiiice. :) I really like the Venusaur.
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My luxray's nane is Luxor too!
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