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:iconriockman:riockman posted a status
There's a problem with my hdd.
It has to be replaced with a better one.

Currently, my laptop's hdd has been temporarily replaced with my brother's (his laptop is broken but the hdd is safe yet it has lower spec than mine).
But with that, ALL my drawing-related softwares cannot be used for some time, until the old hdd got replaced with a better one.
I was forced to use my brother's as I still have to do some college homework, so my laptop has been reduced to... pretty much a standard one, without ALL that customized tools and softwares I arranged/installed within years.

So, for some time in the future, I can't post more drawings, but I still can write stuff. Sorry about that, folks.
And I just remembered that I had to work on that "Random Ramblings" article of mine.

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