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:iconriockman:riockman posted a status
I heard the staff of Symphogear admitted that they were inspired by Go Nagai's works in an interview (screenshot + fantranslated somewhere in tumblr).
Either it's true or not, I conclude maybe this one video can explain that massive fisting stuff which Hibiki obsess on.
And I INTEND to draw this parody later.

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TAmazingRandom Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
That sounds awesome. FYI the Commander has the same voice as Getter Robo's Ryoma Nagara. Also, I finished Nexus, it was amazing. Thank you again for the wonderful recommendation.
riockman Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
loooooooooooool I just realized that
Maybe he's just that strong because got exposed to Getter Rays for too long

Thank goodness you enjoyed Nexus to the end. The feels trip totally worth it.
You know that they actually made Nexus prequel movie, "Ultraman The Next"?

It's really hard to find, but the infamous TV-Nihon subbed it lately, they bundled it in "Ultraman Nexus Bonus" or something in their torrent tracker stuff. 
But if you want to check the streaming somewhere, go on.
It's still dark like the Nexus we love.
Oh yeah, Nexus was wounded really bad so his form is incomplete and mutant-ish. Even when he got power up.
Still it's not decreasing the awesomeness. He can also talk and explain stuff to his human host too, which is a really rare occasion in Ultraman franchise.
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