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:iconriockman:riockman posted a status
Yesterday evening, when I went outside to buy dinner in the usual food stall, I met my friend who coincidentally was there to have dinner too.
We talked for sometime about some college stuffs that has to be done before we pack up to our hometown, and about some animes recommended to watch.

He told me, "dude, maybe you should try Love Live."
Of course I was hesitant. You know, Love Live fans commonly hated even in Japan itself, because the next-level fanatic fanboying/fangirling. 
And I'm afraid that I'll become one of them if I tried watching all that episode until the end and got accidentaly 'hypnotized'.

But he replied, "don't you worry about that. hell, I even watch Idolmasters, because I only want to see the progress of the story. I just skipped/fastforwarded the episode when they start singing, lol." 

So I reluctantly agreed to watch those titles later, but those wouldn't be my priority since it means that I have to add more and more watchlist.

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