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:iconriockman:riockman posted a status
Unimportant fact:
Since Summer 2017, I almost lost touch with any ongoing animes and tokusatsu series.
I've been following old series for some years now, but Summer 2017 was the point where I almost lost my care for ongoing shows.
So I am sorry if I don't really know what recent serie you're talking about.

This doesn't mean that I hate recent shows, but I have my own reasons;
first is, I have so much old series in queue for me to binge-watch, and second is, I realized that old series has sooo many charms that new shows had lost. Maybe nostalgia factor and real life businesses are at play too.

If I'm out of old shows to watch (I don't know when lol), maybe I'll recover the "lost time" with marathoning ongoing and recently ended series.

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