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Symphogear Legends - Varlet Bjorkinova design by riockman Symphogear Legends - Varlet Bjorkinova design by riockman
Design of Varlet Bjorkinova, Sylvia's step sister.

A girl whose family was poor immigrant, started to work in a rich landowner's house with her mother as a housemaid.
Her father was a miner, died in a mine collapse when she's still 2 years old.
In my story, she's about 12 years old by the time she meets Sylvia.

She's a dilligent girl who helps her mother in menial works, so her physical power is a bit above the average for the girls on her age. She lived a good live, even though her family didn't have much money.
But that little happiness was a short-lived one, as the landowner and his family were fallen into debt then murdered because he cannot pay the debt.

Little Varlet and her mom now homeless, but her mother won't give up easily and start to be a laborer in many place. She helped too, even though the payment for being a temporary laborer in other people's land was very little.

Again, she's struck with bad luck. Her mother who was old got fallen ill, and died because of having no money for treatment and medicines.

She became a homeless, alone, in the tough dark streets of London that was filled with rough people, sickness, and nature's law. She also stole breads from people's store when she can't find food for the day.

That stopped when one day she was caught by the mob of people, when she tried to steal breads again.
She was beaten badly, bleeding dan bruised everywhere, and cried for help, even though it maybe futile as she's just another poor people in a bad situation.

Luckily our hero, Sylvia, who often chilling outside, saw what happened and stopped the mob from rampaging on the helpless girl.
Sylvia paid for the breads Varlet stole from them, and tended to Varlet's wounds.
After knowing Varlet's past, Sylvia decided that Varlet to become one of her family member, even though Varlet was begging her on being just a maid in her manor. 

Then revealed that she's an Attuned too, after an incident in the docks, when the carriage that carries Sylvia's colleagues tried to flee from the ambush of Noise. She was granted with the power of Mjolnir Gear, the war hammer of Odin. Actually the relic was her mother's, but given to her before her mother died, as a memento.

She started to fight as a Vanguard too, after having a relic validating test in the Heaven's Cross labs.
ss2shadic Featured By Owner May 10, 2017  Student General Artist
Didn't commented on her yet let me fix that

Shad: *reads her Bio* I know what's like being Dirt poor, you have my sympathies little girl
riockman Featured By Owner May 10, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
yeah, sadly I can only write character bios for now, I still don't have the time to draw a single comic page or even a fanfic chapter
ss2shadic Featured By Owner May 10, 2017  Student General Artist
Shad be like "Hey don't let the higher class scum get the best of you if they doubt you work hard and surpass them, just like Goku and Vegeta"
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