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Symphogear  Another Story - Juanetta/Balmung Gear by riockman Symphogear  Another Story - Juanetta/Balmung Gear by riockman
A design for my "what-if" scenario of Symphogear.
Symphogear ~Another Story~.

Just imagining how will be if the American agents finally get their hands on Relic and Gear infos.

The American agents gathered all the relics they got after scavenging all over the world, revealing more remaining relics not found by SDAU people.
Some mysterious organization started the research of gear users with using random homeless/beggar little girls they found on the streets and even orphanages.
The test of relic compatibility held on a deserted area, far from civilization.

Because the Americans didn't get full data on Ryoko-made Symphogear suits, the Americans tried to create the gear using many methods including force-fusing people with relics, to no avail.
Finally, they used Dr. Ver's method, injecting LinkER with massive dose to the remaining test subjects, and succeeded, even though they will have to fight like Kanade, using daily basis of LinkERs to keep using their gears.
They named the relics "Synchrogear", because the users have to synchronizing their body with the relic using drugs, not with level of Phonic Gain. That means, you can use it without have to really sing.

But that result gave a fatal impact for those girls physically and mentally, besides having to hold the strain of feeling choked, nausea, and intense bleeding if they're late to use LinkER, they still remembered how they being treated at the facility.

This "buff beauty" is Juanetta Anarosa Jimenez, aka "la Cuchilla".
She is tomboy and has a rough bringing, even though it's often not her fault to hurt someone else.
An ex-prisoner from state's prison, she was born in a Hispanic farmer family somewhere in a South American country.
Believe it or not, she was enrolled in School of Arts when she is 18, excelling in music and singing classes. She just love singing and making little music. She also dreams to be a pro solo singer in her nation. Even though her parents really oppose her idea for being too high.

But her little happy life ends when her ex-boyfriend and his two companion tried to kidnap her sister, Francesca as an act of revenge for dumping him weeks ago.

When Juanetta knows this, she enraged and took a machete from the nearby kitchen then rushes to the place where her sister being held captive.
At the site, Juanetta screamed and wreaking havoc, resulting in two of the kidnapper died (including her ex) of losing too much blood, and one more got rushed into ICU for losing his left arm and getting a big open wound on his back.
Too bad, her action took attention by nearby civilians and she got arrested by local polices and brought to court.
The judge said to her, "you did too much for a mere defense" then she was sentenced in prison for 10 years.
Francesca often visited Juanetta weekly, until she was moved to US prison with tighter security for beating her inmates after some bump-and-stare occurs in her first year of imprisonment. 

In her fifth year, Juanetta was forcibly taken by some mysterious men in black suit and brought into some building in the middle of nowhere.
On of the mysterious man said to her, "you have the power and skill, but you don't have the future anymore. If you join us maybe you can face the world once more."
Then she joins the project without hesitation, even if she has to go through intense training and taking dangerous concoctions created by the scientists.

There she met her two comrades, even though the welcome was hard.
She even cares about her two "friends", even if the two were indifferent. They are a motley crew after all.
Actually Juanetta is the kindest and open-minded person in the team, she also has a cheery older sister personality if you know her closely. Just don't try messing with her too hard or she'll grab nearby sharp things around her and starts you know what. 

Finally a Relic user after some harsh months, she was brought to Japan for some real mission, where the Noise threat is at the peak.
SDAU and American agents made an uneasy alliance, knowing war could happen if they used the technology falsely.

She harbors a big jealousy towards Tsubasa after knowing Tsubasa is a big idol at such age and having many friends and families around her even though she didn't hate her.

"Yo, muchacha. Call me Juanita, or you can call me la Cuchilla. My ex-inmates used to call me that."
"You know, muchacha. I used to have a big 70s Harley bike in my home, but papa told me to stay away from any personal rides after I rammed the bike into neighbor's barn and injured some cabras."
"I'm not used to do quick slashing like you. I do things with hacking."
"Used to have a cute little sister. But after some crap happen with bad chicos years ago, I got separated from my family and never contacted them again. Job requirement sucked sometimes."
'"Amigo, sometimes revenge is too sweet you have to repeat for more." 
"Mierda, your blade can sprout sky-high like that?"
"My life's already wrecked. I did something I can't take back. So... take care of your friends, families and even your job. Entiendes, muchacha?"

^Examples of what Juanetta will say to Tsubasa when they're together in many situation.

Her relic is Balmung, Sigurd's dragon killer sword.
She is a powerhouse that swings two-handed sword with good balance, even though she can actually use other arsenal of hers.

Skills (Temporary name) :
Fafnir Buster = A sword handle pops from her left hip pocket and grows into a great spiked sword. After the title card appears, she charged the power with Aufwachen particle and starts ripping the enemies around her with triple the normal speed and ended with bashing her sword to ground resulting an explosion about within 20 meter radius. 
Brynhildr Winger = Two short swords retracts from the upper part of her gauntlet and she starts striking the enemy while dashing straight. It can also be used to parry and countering some sudden strikes.
Loki Shadowstriker = Daggers come out from her right hip pocket and she throws it about five times into an enemy, ended with little explosion. 

She can also enters the Zesshou mode, in this mode, she uses 3 syringes of LinkERs at once, making her far more synchronic with her current Relic. Using this method will strengthen her body multiple times, but breaks her mind. She is even getting far more dangerous than her usual self.
The American agents called this mode, "OverSynchro".

Her skills also upgraded to more powerful state, she even got new skills.
Fafnir Over Buster = Charging her great sword with more Aufwachen particle, heat beam grows from the spikes on her sword to increase the damage then she rips the enemies around her with seven times quicker than normal speed, ended with ground bash that results in an explosion about within 50 meter radius.
Brynhildr Over Winger = Two short swords retracts from the upper part of her gauntlet and increased in size, then she strikes the enemy with zigzag dash move. It can also be used to parry and countering some sudden strikes.
Loki Over Shadowstriker = The daggers grow bigger and she throws it ten times into enemies in an area or only hitting the ground, ended in chain explosions from her her daggers.
Aesir Heart Ripper = Using her new two additional blades from her shoulder pads in form of big machetes and starts relentlessly hacking one target until it ripped into hundreds of body parts. Juanetta prefers to use this one technique when facing an enemy bigger than her.
Freyja Blade Dancer = Flipping overhead like Tsubasa did, and starts spinning rapidly on her arms with her newly attached pair of blades retracted on her ankles, forming a tornado-like attack that can pull the enemies around her into some windy massacre. Effective if there are many enemies as big as her body are around. Bigger enemies won't get pulled but still might be able to get ripped if getting too close to her.

Her final OverSynchro skills, on par with the Symphogears in XD Mode, but after using this one, she'll surely collapse for weeks.
Vanaheim Breaker = Juanetta's great sword grows ten times larger and starts shining with beam spikes added on the blades, the brighter the bigger the damage. Then she took stance towards the enemy and release it with slashing move when the charging is complete. The area within the path where the light reaches the enemy will be scorched to dust and in the end of the attack, the light particles will obliterate the enemies within 10 kilometer radius and forming a white-greenish light pillar towards the sky for a while.

This is the first time I created a "latino" character. I did some quick research on Hispanic names and it took some time for me to decide her name and personality. I don't have many free time, wouldn't want to redesign her, right?

And Symphogear users won't be complete with their theme songs, right?
But again... I'm not good at choosing songs.
Somewhat edgy but can be soothing (ah, what I'm talking about)...
"Angela - Boku ja nai" might do it. I hope.
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ss2shadic Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2015  Student General Artist
oddly enough, Shad is somewhat "latino" too, and to put his reaction to this

"You're obviously the brawn of the group"
riockman Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
is that so? what a coincidence
ss2shadic Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2015  Student General Artist
and judging by the "Synchrogear" i could say this

Shad: *puts an Anti-LiNKER inside of his shirt* Synchrogear ??, Really America ?, Really ?
riockman Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
ahahaha, there's anti-linker eh
ss2shadic Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2015  Student General Artist
in Shad's words

"you can't always be completely sure"
riockman Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
ahh, yeah right on that
ss2shadic Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2015  Student General Artist
also, ironically Shad's made out his LiNKER out of Ryoko's research, but he used the Prototype LiNKER, oddly enough that one was enough to make a "permanent" LiNKER 
riockman Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Sounds somewhat dangerous
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