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Symphogear Another Story - Fiona Bryce/Vajra Gear by riockman Symphogear Another Story - Fiona Bryce/Vajra Gear by riockman
A design for my "what-if" scenario of Symphogear.
Symphogear ~Another Story~.

Just imagining how will be if the American agents finally get their hands on Relic and Gear infos.

The American agents gathered all the relics they got after scavenging all over the world, revealing more remaining relics not found by SDAU people.
Some mysterious organization started the research of gear users with using random homeless/beggar little girls they found on the streets and even orphanages.
The test of relic compatibility held on a deserted area, far from civilization.

Because the Americans didn't get full data on Ryoko-made Symphogear suits, the Americans tried to create the gear using many methods including force-fusing people with relics, to no avail.
Finally, they used Dr. Ver's method, injecting LinkER with massive dose to the remaining test subjects, and succeeded, even though they will have to fight like Kanade, using daily basis of LinkERs to keep using their gears.
They named the relics "Synchrogear", because the users have to synchronizing their body with the relic using drugs, not with level of Phonic Gain.  That means, you can use it without have to really sing.

But that result gave a fatal impact for those girls physically and mentally, besides having to hold the strain of feeling choked, nausea, and intense bleeding if they're late to use LinkER, they still remembered how they being treated at the facility.

The name's Fiona Bryce, a girl from a little family resided somewhere in United States, but became a homeless after their house caught in a fire and her parents died protecting her when she was 12.
Brought up by an old woman into an orphanage nearby, she finally taken by mysterious people who wanted her to be a "lab rat" for Relic research.

Out of 47 kids, only 3 survived, including her after the research gains a notably result.

Finally a Relic user, she was brought to Japan for some real mission, where the Noise threat is at the peak.
SDAU and American agents made an uneasy alliance, knowing war could happen if they used the technology falsely.

Genjuuro just hoped that the use of Symphogear doesn't leak further to supress the mass confusion and possible conflicts.

Fiona and her 2 comrades (I'll draw them later) often bickers with Hibiki and co. about how they handle their life and even fighting style with all the Noise threat around.
Fiona especially hates Hibiki for always stay being happy in many occasions, even in grave danger.

"What's so funny, dumbass? Why are you smiling? We're completely screwed here!" 
"I hate your face so much, dumbass. I knew it, I knew you're hurt inside. Stop giving me that face, dumbass. Stop being a hypocrite and say it out loud that you're gonna smite them hard in the jaw!"
"You're eating that? You're asking for more? Again? Seriously, dumbass?"
"Nope, nope, frick nope I'm in the same room with her!"
"Do you really, really have to scream that loud when doing a single punch?"

^Examples of what Fiona will say to Hibiki when they're together in many situation.

Well, as you can see, her relic resembles Hibiki so much (yeah, I admit I was looking at Hibiki figma when drawing Fiona).

Her relic is Vajra, Indra's Thunderbolt.
She can punch her enemy with lightning speed, and imbuing her fists with plasma sparks as additional damage.

Skills (Temporary name) :
Vritra Breaker = Punching the enemy lighning-fast with her two fists, into one point.
Tvastr Aura = Adding the electric/plasma sparks on a single fist, to destroy her enemy in single punch. (not effective with enemies above 5 times larger than her)
Prana Stream = The hammer mechanism on her fist slams as she charges the enemy, giving the power of 500 times worth of Vritra Breaker, toasting and penetrating the enemy.

She can also enters the Zessshou mode, in this mode, she uses 3 syringes of LinkERs at once, making her far more synchronic with her current Relic. Using this method will strengthen her body multiple times, but breaks her mind.
The American agents called this mode, "OverSynchro".

Her skills also upgraded to more powerful state.
Vritra Over Breaker = Punching the enemy lighning-fast with her two fists, rampaging to many points.
Tvastr Over Aura = Adding thundering sparks on her two fists, to destroy her enemy in single punch. (effective with enemies above 10 times larger than her, except another Relic Users)
Prana Over Stream = The rocket-booster mechanics on her fist burns brightly as she charges the enemy with doubled speed, giving the power of 2000 times worth of Vritra Over Breaker, burns all the enemy around her to dust.

Her final OverSynchro skills, on par with the Symphogears in XD Mode, but after using this one, she'll surely collapse for weeks.
Verethragna Fatality = Quintupling Prana Over Stream attack into a large plasma beam spearhead on one of her fist, giving a gigantic explosion in massive area when successfully strikes the enemy.

Relic users are not complete without their songs, for sure.
But I'm not really good at giving characters some bgm songs or something like that, so I choose Cyntia - カタストロフィー for her to sing. Some song from female rock band will work with her personality. 

I'll color this one later. Gotta do my RL duty first, right? :D (Big Grin) 
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ss2shadic Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2014  Student General Artist
this one seems pretty nice, oddly enough Shad's was born in Unova, the Region i call "Pokemon Equivalent of America"
riockman Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
oh, i see. you made fictitious region too eh
ss2shadic Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2014  Student General Artist
sort of, the Planet of my version of SZS have the same countrys and places like this one but, it also have the 6 Pokemon Regions

1: Kanto
2: Johto
3: Hoenn
4: Sinnoh
5: Unova
6: Kalos

but there is a problem, Pokemon aren't allowed on places that are not Pokemon Regions (Shad's is working to make the Rule disappear thought)
riockman Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
whoa, so they're treated as dangerous beings outside the area
ss2shadic Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2014  Student General Artist
well, you won't deny that, i'll mean there are Pokemon that are pretty vicious
riockman Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
yeah, the legend ones even terrifies many people
ss2shadic Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2014  Student General Artist
indeed, even the cute Legendaries gets on Shad's nerves
riockman Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
ahaha, hard to believe that
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