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Shen Shou Jing XD Mode (Official) + Event Summary by riockman Shen Shou Jing XD Mode (Official) + Event Summary by riockman

So this event for XD Unlimited game is actually ended like more than a month ago, but I decided to post it now, because I can’t find a good time to write and post the summary.

Event name : The Light that Shines Through (Symphogear 3rd alternate dimension)

Important notes:

  1. My Japanese skill is really abysmal, if someone who played this game and can read Japanese well, please correct me by all means.

  2. This event passed some time ago and I kinda forget about the full story. I appreciate it if someone correct how I write the chronology of the events.

Rough summary of this event (prepare yourselves, actually it's a long-ass summary):

>Hibiki felt sick all of a sudden. She always have a bad dream, about her past.

>Miku is concerned because it happens too often, and found no way to cure it

>Hibiki forces herself to do daily activities. In the training room, her body suddenly got weaker, and she accidentally fell on Chris’ gun range, and get shot in the process.

>Hibiki was pulled to the SONG’s medical room, Chris felt totally guilty even though everyone knows that it’s not her fault.

>Gjallarhorn alarm sounded, 3rd dimension opened. A gate into mysterious place unknown to them.

>Chris is still feeling responsible, tries hard to convince everyone that she has to go exploring that unknown world by herself because of the mess happened that day.

>Maria knew that Chris is being too hard on herself again, and she accompanies Chris to monitor her doings.

>The two went in Gjallarhorn portal. This 3rd dimension, looks somewhat not that different.

>Suddenly there’s a Noise attack. Followed by a battlecry of someone they knew. Maria and Chris folllowed the source of the battle.

>It’s Tsubasa (3rd dimension). She fought alone. The two helps, Tsubasa didn’t ask much and still appreciates the help of the unknown Samaritans.

>Some of the Noises left tries to get into the city border, if they got through, the city will be in a mess. Everyone’s panicked and hurried to defend the border.

>Suddenly there’s a shadow that destroyed all the Noise in a flash. When they got near, the shadow was Hibiki (3rd dimension) with mouth covered in scarf. Chris saw someone she knew and approaches her assuming she’s the same person.

>And much to her surprise, this Hibiki just shoved her and went away with cautious look. Of course Chris is kinda pissed.

>Tsubasa (3rd dimension) approaches the two, asking “You know that girl? She loves steal-killing for reasons unknown and left”. Of course the two got more shocked than before.

>They were brought by Tsubasa(3rd dimension) to this dimension’s SDAU base (it’s still not changed into SONG), and it was explained that since the Zwei Wing incident, Tsubasa fought alone in this dimension as a gear user. Until that Hibiki came.

>They finally knew that Hibiki (3rd dimension) was never recruited into the team, and they look for the reasons. At least they acquired a hint that she always appear when Noise attacks happen and do her usual steal-killing.

>They came back to the original dimension, and found that original Hibiki is already on her feet, but Miku is still concerned. Yet again, Hibiki fell into the ground but with more physical hurting. She was treated until she can sleep again, with groaning sometimes. Miku stayed with her, then Chris and Maria reported to Elfnein about the situation on the 3rd dimension.

>To end(or at least reduces greatly) Noise menaces in the other dimension, they have to find Karma Noise, a really strong, black colored (also usually gargantuan-sized and weirdly shaped) Noise. It really sticks out like a sore thumb so they have to hunt it down A.S.A.P. when they see it in the crowd. But sadly, they didn’t find it today, and of course Elfnein isn’t that happy for getting no updates whatsoever.

>Chris and Maria goes back to 3rd dimension, hoping that they can find a clue about the Karma Noise, and the facts about the other Hibiki.

>Another Noise attack happened there in nighttime, they knew it’s a big chance for them to get all the answers. The otherTsubasa is there too, fighting again. They waste no time to help.

>Finally they’re seeing what they need to see. A huge Karma Noise, shaped like a Godzilla or that monster from  Ultraman series. Everyone’s shocked. But theother Hibiki came and started beating the Noise.

>Too bad her attacks didn’t really hurt the Karma Noise, and the others decided to help her, much to her annoyance (MUH EDGEEEEE).

>They quelled the Karma Noise, too bad it ran away. They approached Hibiki, who’s to defensive and cautious. Chris got an idea to break the ice---introducing herself with unneeded explanations for first time meetings, like blood types and favorite foods. Of course the other Hibiki is freaked. But Maria came in and adds fuel to the fire. She introduces herself to the other Hibiki, but with less private stuffs.

>The other Hibiki ran away after screaming “weird freaks” at them. Looks like they didn’t get a lead now. At least they knew Karma Noise existed there. They go back to the SDAU base there.

>After getting explanations from Genjuuro(3rd dimension), it was hinted that everyone on the base never knew Hibiki. She was listed as one of the Zwei Wing incident’s victims. But no more infos after that.

>The focus shifted to Hibiki (3rd dimension), it’s explained from the monologue that she NEVER knew Miku. She was pretty much alone after the Zwei Wing incident, and tried to pull herself together from madness after all the blamings on her by the citizen for “being the only one alive”. Guess we knew why she got all the edge around her now. It might be hinted that Kanade died from protecting her, but after that, she had no emotional support from anyone, it made her hated the Noises more than everyone else. That caused her pulling a personal vendetta on all the Noises she encountered, but maybe she treated the Noises as a sandbag for emotional lashings too. And when she sleeps, she also has bad dreams like the original Hibiki. Coincidence much?

>Chris and Maria went back to the original dimension, and reported whatever they can scrape for Elfnein. From there, Miku overheard that there’s the other Hibiki in the other dimension, and she felt sympathy for the other Hibiki.  She wants to go there too.

>Everyone concerns that Miku might pull another bravado everytime she hears Hibiki on trouble, and it still didn’t shake her determination to go the other dimension. Finally Elfnein gave her a solution: find Shen Shou Jing. The relic might be destroyed in the original dimension, but she has a theory that in the other dimension it’s still intact somewhere. Chris and Maria went to the 3rd  dimension to look for it.

>Much to their surprise, the other Genjuuro has it stored somewhere in SDAU base. Chris and Maria demanded him to give it to them. He agrees as nobody can use It anyway in 3rd dimension. After that, they went back to the original dimension (well it actually tires me to type this back-and-forth plot as they goes here and there to connect people in different dimensions, really).

>They gave 3rd dimension’s Shen Shou Jing to Elfnein, and after she scanned it to find no problems, she gave Miku a LiNKER. That made Miku getting some old trauma in 2nd season. But after remembering what people said about the other Hibiki, she shot herself with it anyway. Because, you know, we’re talking about another level of lesbianism here.

>Miku transformed with her 2nd season gear. Chris and Maria pulled her to training room. After doing some mock battles, she’s ready to kick some Noise’s asses. With Shen Shou Jing in her hand, Miku was finally appointed as a full member of SONG. Yay.

>Her first assignment is helping Chris and Maria hunting down the Karma Noise in 3rd dimension, she’s eager for it because… oh come one she has an obvious side agenda to meet another Hibiki there and then talking some sense to her.

>After some Noise battles in 3rd dimension, she finally met the other Hibiki. And of course as they said, Hibiki can be hostile towards her. It was proven quickly. But suddenly when they’re bickering, the other Hibiki got ill all of a sudden, she was brought (forcefully) into SDAU medical room.

>It was known that she has some kind of sudden mental stress just like the original Hibiki, but made worse with all her self-loathing and narrow-minded revenge. Everyone asked Genjuuro to look for info about the Miku in 3rd dimension, and it was finally known that the other Miku existed but wasn’t enrolled in Lydian, or even attended Zwei Wing concert sometime ago. That closed some questions.

>Meanwhile they fought the Noises again, until they met the Karma Noise at nighttime(again). It ran away like usual after getting some beating. They reported it to Elfnein in the original dimension.

>Elfnein comes into a conclusion that that Karma Noise is sensitive to bright light. She suggested they fight the Karma Noise with massive amount of lighting or heat. Maybe Miku can help with her Angry Lesbian Beam.

>But suddenly the other Hibiki ran away from SDAU’s medical room, because “muh edge requires me to not needing you help at all”. They went after her.

>Miku found her in a forest, huffing and puffing and emo-ing. She gave her the cliched comfort time “don’t be an edgelord, I luv u even though you’re not the real Biki”. The other Hibiki softens a bit after knowing that there’s some love left for her. But she still tries hard to be edgy and goes away to fight the Noises that suddenly came. With Karma Noise in top.

>In the end, everyone’s fighting the Noise, with the help of Miku. But a twist happens, after they bathed the Karma Noise in a bright light (I assume they collected some stage lights to shine the Noise), the Hibiki goes berserk because she tries really hard and killed the Noise and ate its insides. So much for collecting all the lamps. Well, the Karma Noise got brutally K.O.ed at least.

>The other Hibiki still berserks, and went away to the previous forest. Miku decided that she’s the only one that can calm down the mad dog, and went after her.

>The other Hibiki got more cautious on Miku because even though she came back into human form, all the dark aura contaminates her body (I assume Karma Noise’s dark essences can be contagious), then she came back into berserked form again. She tried to attack Miku.

>Miku thinks that maybe all Hibiki’s edge and that Karma Noise’s aura contaminating her body, she became easily berserk like that.

>After giving a speech about some lesbian love, Miku’s Shen Shou Jing reacts and she delivers “I’ll be your sunflower”. Her gear evolves into XD Mode (see picture above, duh)

>Then she shot berserked Hibiki with a massive mass-destroying beam cannon (Gundam’s Solar Ray Cannon got nothing on this) and all the dark aura on Hibiki fades away.

>Timeskip to some days in the future, the original Hibiki got healthy again for reasons (and she didn’t know all the mess happened in other dimension) then continues her daily stuff. Everyone just laughed it off.

>The peace in 3rd dimension has been returned (most of it), yet the other Hibiki is still an edgelord who’s longing for some lesbian love. Then suddenly she’s approached by the other Miku, she thinks “maybe I can find myself my own sunflower”. They talked and hugged then the event ends.


Additional notes:

    1. I didn’t know that in the XD Unlimited’s game universe whether original Miku still holds on the Shen Shou Jing relic(3rd dimension ver.) or not after the event, but I assume she still has it and might use it if it’s needed in the future. She’s appointed as a full member of SONG anyway, right?

    2.  Miku(3rd dimension) didn’t know Hibiki(3rd dimension), and it strikes me a weird feeling in the epilogue that they just met and hugged. Really. Whether my Japanese skill is truly crappy or it’s just the storytelling that’s problematic with details.

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ss2shadic Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2017  Student General Artist
Ok, I though the 3rd Hibiki story was going to be better than that.
riockman Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
I ran through some rough translation on the dialogue, and sadly it was not that awesome.
I thought that event was a kind of wasted potential when they had the chance to go full dark.

This game just had the latest short side-plot where Fine and Dr. Ver are the good guys and that was kinda better even though it's still not finished till the end. The enemy are still unknown though(bunch of black suited people start raiding their base, everyone besides the gear users are disabled and locked away, Genjuuro's location is unknown, then Fine and Ver broke the wall and came to the rescue, to be continued)
ss2shadic Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2017  Student General Artist
Fine and Ver the Good guys, let me guess the girls are either the Villains or not present. 
riockman Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Sadly they were not present. Not until further update on the story, I afraid.
ss2shadic Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2017  Student General Artist
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