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Random Ramblings: Thoughts about Saint Seiya Omega by riockman Random Ramblings: Thoughts about Saint Seiya Omega by riockman

Welcome to the third episode of "Random Ramblings", which are the articles about my personal opinions revolving around cartoons, comics and video games that I know/played/read/watched.
And some stuff about art.

Actually I already uploaded this one in a journal, but I think it'll fit better for my random review stuff here.

I watched the leftover of this show in one go--without rewatching. I can't believe I stopped at episode 89 on 2014 for no reason.
So if you correct me when I am actually wrong about details in some points, I would be glad.

Let us begin.

My feeling about this show is complicated.
It's about love--hate--excited--turnoff
I have no problem with the story, as the quality is more or less the typical of Saint Seiya cliches.
Some ancient gods threatened the humanity and your lovely Athena, Saints coming and kicking their asses. With rage, friendship, hope, bromance, cosmo, seventh sense and omega stuff.
Forgive my language here, as for rants I actually let my feelings loose for a bit.

And now we go for the points that annoy me.
1. Holy shit, the animation. THE animation.
I have to be honest here, the Saint Seiya itself drawn and directed by Pretty Cure staffs is already disturbing in the first place.
While I have to be honest that the story is still carrying many Saint Seiya elements, the rest are giving me a weird feel.
a. The Lineart 
Especially for the first arc (trying to kick Mars' ugly ass). This is the first time in my life seeing linearts used in animations with that massive thickness.
Oh, crudely drawn, too. Like, the frames were still in a form of a dirty sketch but you decided to animate it anyway.
b. Pretty Cure Faces
I actually don't have the problem here. I'm just pointing out the stuff that hasn't been used in shonen cartoons.
Yep, they use magical girl faces on the characters of the show that is actually about kickass people kicking asses in kickass ways.
If you hate girly shows, I guarantee you WILL, oh you WILL start hating in the first episode.
c. Inconsistencies. MASSIVE Inconsistencies.
The points that turn me off when watching this show is the animation inconsistency.
You can have one frame with symmetrical cloth, and the next one is not. It happens even when they're changing body position in minor movements.
Sometimes they have stocky body, and sometimes they have Code Geass body. It still happens until the last episode.
They still have to learn much for perspectives department too.
The irony is, even though it has massive PreCure vibe in the drawings, PreCure itself still has better animation and character body proportions.
It felt like Saint Seiya Omega was created either in a rush or with limited budget. Or worse, BOTH.
d. Fight Scenes
Almost bloodless violence. This one pisses me off to some level. 
You hit 'em hard with your cosmo-filled fist, the ground breaks, buildings destroyed, clouds severed, and your enemy just got thrown unconscious with broken cloth and some bruises. Or the worst case scenario: frozen forever, or died off-screen in some other dimension.
If we're talking about graphic violence, original Saint Seiya and Lost Canvas still has it.
I watched Saint Seiya Omega with my friends. You know, they ALWAYS complained in almost every episode when there's no blood seen, or some fractures in bones, or losing limbs happening in the fight scenes.
They said things like, "He should've lost all his breakfast AND his whole stomach with that punch", "Ugh, where's the blood? Come on..." (I kinda exaggerate their sayings but those were the point)
They felt like watching action show for kids. Heck, tokusatsu heroes (even Super Sentai and Ultraman) still fare better. Somewhat Soul of Gold is still better in action department too. And I still agree with my friends for those complaints.
Looks like the staffs toned down the violence too much here. 
I know, I know, PreCure staffs involved. It's all about love and friendship. If they didn't repent, beat them again until they got brain concussion and become your friend.
In the end, I can tolerate that to some extent.
e. Cloth Designs
This one is a really personal opinion. So, sorry if you think that my clothing taste suck.
I actually like the idea of turning the clothes into gems at first, it's kinda creative. Teenagers bringing their wardrobe box everywhere is kinda a hassle.
But yeah, in the end when they wear the cloth, it's too shiny and colorful for my tastes. There are some crystal/gem plates all over their body it disturbed my sight.
Even though the clothes finally transformed into original form after the "curse" have been lifted midway, it's still too shiny and colorful for my liking.
"What kind of adult clads those thing into battles?", I thought. (yeah, they're teenagers, but still...)
Alrite, I know that kind of thought is somewhat weird, coming from someone who admits still dig watching a group of adults wearing colorful spandex, fighting costumed monsters in the middle of some city.
But still, those are metal-ish armor we're talking, and it's effing colorful it felt like a magical unicorn shat rainbow itself on the paintjob, with many gems attached, and unconventionally-designed(you watched other Saint Seiya titles and you'll know the huge-ass difference in the way they draw the cloth designs) for fighting in battlefields. 
That's SO fucking wrong even for Saint Seiya.
I only dig Soma and Eden's cloth because of the color contrasts didn't hurt my eyes that much. And Eden has a kickass transparent cape too. 

2. How They Handle the Characters
These points actually only pisses me a little(some of them) as the story was kinda good it overshadowed the flaws, but I'll talk.
a. Random "legendary" characters saved the day
There will be time when the current protagonists were put in a huge trouble, and some previous serie characters saved them or gave them time to recover and attack the opponent again. After that? They got demoted to another extra, doing nothing really important in the story. Besides giving cosmo on near the end of final episode. 
It felt like the writer want to show us how are the old casts are doing in the vast amount of new casts and new story. 
While it gave the nostalgists a temporary nostalgia boner, it only went that far.
b. Gold Saint Casts for Final Arc
This one is kinda personal. Again.
So much Gold Saints became victim in previous fights they didn't have time to search for a new cloth user, meanwhile Pallas with her twisted yandere love is ready to kick some Saint's ass.
It felt empty when the Gold Saints didn't go at their full power, I mean, in the original Saint Seiya, Lost Canvas, even Soul of Gold, they go fighting the fight together as a full team for many times.
By all the gods in Olympus, SONIA. [cries internally] I tell you again. SONIA.
She was definitely one of the antagonist character that annoys the protagonist for a long enough time. She also had the reason to fight. And she's cute.
When she got the Scorpion Gold Cloth, I was really hyped. Finally more girls added to Gold Saint roster.
And what? She donned the cloth, then cloth's cosmo corrupted her body, overpowered herself and she died in an instant painful agony.
What's worse? Lemme tell you some. 
She remembered her life before being a cloth user, which is a hobo in a dumpster-like place.(CMIIW, this one was the first arc so I kinda forget some details)
She is actually not an evil person, she just loved her brother (Eden) so much, and was used by Mars to fight for him.
Even before fighting Soma (her last fight), she had this one bickering with him, which is cute for me. They two had some history. Some people actually ship them two, you know.
I can't believe they wrote her off just like that. A villain who had a personality, purpose, and kinda sweet to boot, got insta-killed in a power malfunction scene.
Another worst moments? In the next episodes, Soma forgot about her. And Eden didn't really care to burst a tear, and forgets about her too.(yea MAYBE there's a little sadness, but only for a fleeting moment, as Eden had his head full of Aria at that time)
AHHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA WHAT. THE. FUCKING. FUCK. I almost smashed the monitor after that death scene. 
You cannot do that. You fucking cannot do that to her.
*breathes deeply* Whew.

That's it, I'm done.
Once again, forgive my language. I rarely talk like that, outside the rant stuff.
My conclusion is, I don't hate the show. I like it generally. And I still love Saint Seiya.
But I definitely have problem with some points in the series, like I stated before. Nothing's perfect, right?
And it can be concluded that Saint Seiya Omega was intended for younger audiences, as the violence were toned down by a drastic amount, heavily focusing on love, friendship and peace, also promotes fancy Cloth design(colorful, shiny, kinda obvious that its purpose was to catch kids' attention).

If you have different opinion about this show, it's okay.
In the end, this rant is full of personal opinion too, so personal taste is often in play here.

P.S.: I REALLY loved how they made Eden didn't act like Ikki, whom a character that often showed up in dire times only, and gone after problem ends. He sticked up with the team most of times, and actually helps and cares for the others, even though he has a serious problem of expressing his feelings.
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