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Random Ramblings: Thoughts about Bakuretsu Hunters by riockman Random Ramblings: Thoughts about Bakuretsu Hunters by riockman

Welcome to the second episode of "Random Ramblings", which are the articles about my personal opinions revolving around cartoons, comics and video games that I know/played/read/watched.
And some stuff about art.

Let us begin.

Bakuretsu Hunters.
Or some people might be familiar of it as "Sorcerer Hunters" (which for me, as an Asian dude, made more sense than the original title)

The first time I knew about this show was because the OP theme popped on my Youtube channel/watchlist recommendations.
When I listened to the song, and saw the thumbnail and the art used on the video (which was kinda convincing), I tried to look for the show.

So I found them, and I watched it until the end (and the OVAs too).

I have to be honest here. I am TRULY DISAPPOINTED.
All my expectations. Missed. On every. single. episode.
But looks like I have to tell you that the points I'm going to tell you are based heavily on my taste. My personal (really personal) opinion.

You won't believe that this one show was the one of the so-called "Glorious 90's anime" which are generally praised by nostalgists.

This show cemented my choice to not be a--sorry about my language, "oldfag".
Eras don't reflect an entirety of the quality of shows.
There were mistakes made, just like this one.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I will limit my talk about the anime. Not about the manga(comic book) version. From the OVA, it was indicated that the manga was more superior in quality than the anime, but once again, I'll talk ONLY about the anime. Period.

I'll tell you why I was disappointed about the show.
1. There is an actual plot but there are TOO MANY BOREFEST OF FILLER EPISODES (the show had 26 episodes and the main story just moved near the ending, seriously).
2. Unmemorable characters.
>The main character is an utter loser who doesn't have any single quality BESIDES BEING KIND TO OTHERS (or tapping zooanthropy power), he is only deemed useful when the plot wants him to be useful. 
>The supporting characters are only a support character each, without some real background. Some of them are even just being "there" without clear motive or impact on the story.
3. There are just TOO MANY, MANY CLICHED SCENES that you can even find those in anime nowadays!
4. Minimum amount of action and fanservice.
I have my own reasons why I put "action and fanservice" department on the disappointment list.
>The OP animation was kinda cool it tricked the audience to believe that it's an anime consisted of shonen stuff like action, dark story or even ecchi. But nope. Big, fat, NOPE.
>The show was filled with soooo many dialogues and drama borefest and stupid plots, there's even some episodes where the protagonists don't have to actually fight then the antagonist killed themselves in accident or suicide attempt! What a fun way to finish the story of the week.
>Fanservice-y character designs but lacking in fanservice itself. It only had the same, boring clip show about girls laughing in scanty clothes and start whipping the berserked protagonist in almost. every. episode.
I was tricked on believing that I would see some kickass fight scenes or some boobs jiggling because of how they portraited the characters (yeah, the males are mainly muscular, some of the females are hot and dangerous, kinda reminded me of Street Fighter character design). But nope. again.
5. The villain who (kinda) has a motive to do evil but decided to just START moving on 15th episode. Imagine how long you have to carry yourself to see that scene. And you know what? After some important scenes, the story went on FILLER EPISODES AGAIN.
6. The characters were trying to be funny but those efforts didn't even give me a single "ha" to start laughing. Some "jokes" were bland, random and not funny at all. 

You might see that I seem to talk trash about this show.
But I have my reasons.
To balance things a bit, I'll talk about what I liked about this show.
1. It has REALLY good OP and ED theme it's hard to skip the scenes when the songs started playing.
2. The character design. The males are cool and the girls are sexy and amazon-ish. Reminded me of the usual 90's action animes (well, it is). Ironically they didn't actually fight in the entire show.

So, even though I loved some of the show just a little bit, actually I dragged myself to finish this show.
Even the OVAs that has many fanservices and gore action scenes slapped into my face, it still doesn't save the show from disappointment.

Maybe some of you think, "why don't you just stop watching, that's kinda stupid to keep seeing stuff you dislike".
You have a good point, REALLY good point.
But I am sometimes being masochistic and curious, hoping that there's still a hope about this terrible(sorry there fans) show, and it pains me in the end that my expectations are still crushed.

It was a truly fatal mistake for me to hope this show gave me good action, ecchi or comedy scenes.
Or even a good storytelling.
I wasted my time for this one show.

I'm really sorry for the fans if I kinda offended you, but I only wanted to state my opinion that the standard to enjoy this anime was kinda low (at least for me) and all my expectations were missed big time.
Maybe that'll teach me to not expect too many things before watching/reading/playing something.

Also, I don't want to force anyone to believe my points at all. I just wanted to tell all my pent-up opinions here.
If you like the show, go on. Good and bad are pretty much subjective stuff.

Thank you for reading this one random talk of mine, and if you have something to add, I'll appreciate it.
TheGearWork Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2017  Professional General Artist
As a fan of the series I have to agree whole heatedly with your analysis. When I say the series, I mean the manga, I read that first and came to the animation with high expectations, but was sorely disappointed. The manga has a few low points, but is far and above the anime which was just a mess. Can't wait to see what you watch next man, thanks for sharing! 
riockman Featured By Owner Edited Jan 12, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Thank you very much for checking this one writing of mine.

From what you said, looks like my hunch about the manga being more superior than the anime was right.
Looks like old animes aren't always good eh?

I'll wait for some days to write a new opinions on random stuff I know, so please look forward to it!
TheGearWork Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2017  Professional General Artist
Awesome man, can't wait to see it!
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