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Hibiki (3rd Dimension)  by riockman Hibiki (3rd Dimension)  by riockman
Because the writers finally decided to make an original event based on this setting:

1. Original Hibiki is sick and having constant bad dreams for no reason
2. In the training session, she messed up badly with jumping point-blank on Chris' blazing gun.
3. She's hospitalized. Diagnosed with mental stress.
4. Every time she sleeps, she always screams or sleep-talks, but cannot wake up right away. Miku is totally concerned.
5. With Genjuuro's judgement, Hibiki's grounded for next mission.
6. Gate of Gjallarhorn horns another alarm. They knew it's going to be a menace coming from another dimension. Just like another Kanade's previous case.
7. Chris took the blame, even though Maria said that it's definitely not fully her fault. Chris then volunteers to venture the 3rd dimension, but with unknown danger awaits (they knew it's not the 2nd dimension, Kanade's world), Maria decided to keep eyes on her.
8. Another alarm sets-off. For reasons, Noise from their world got aggravated when Gjallarhorn opens.
9. The rest of the team decided to protect the gate, while Chris and Maria enters the gate.
10. The two jumps in Gjallarhorn, and came out in a world seemingly similar to theirs.
11. In the 3rd dimension, Luna Attack seems happened.
12. They heard screaming and yelling. Both of them came to the rescue.
13. It was Tsubasa's. She's fighting alone. With her GX version of her gear.
14. They formed a quick alliance, the fought, and seemingly won, but some Noise fled to civilian area.
15. A shadow comes in. It destroyed the Noise in no time.
16. It was... Hibiki. In GX version of her gear. Standing far away. With totally serious face. Not spewing bullshit. Just keeping her mouth shut, and beats Noise senselessly.
17. Chris recognises her, and tries to get near. ".. Ah, it's you from this world eh? Took your time..."
18. Without warning and single word, she shoved/punched Chris. Of course Chris is baffled. ".. The hell is wrong with you, dumbass?"
19. She went away, without saying a word. Total cold silence. Everyone is confused.
20. Tsubasa breaks the ice, "you guys know her?"
21. The two answers, that they knew her from their own world. Of course this world's Tsubasa got confused in no time. And they didn't dare to ask whatever happened to Kanade in this world.
22. Sadly it's "To be continued", full story will be available on future date.

muh cape
muh cold emo stare
muh silence
I bet she loves to teleport behind her enemies and saying, "nothing personal, beeeytch" before murdering them

Looks like I'll be waiting for the full story to be untold.
I'm in for a massive treat.
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ss2shadic Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2017  Student General Artist
Oh God, There is a Massive Jawdrop onto this one
riockman Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Well, me too.
CJO1234 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm confused.
riockman Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Oh, it's original game-only story anyway. And it's still only a 2-chapter prologue. There's still so many to reveal.
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