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Battle Core Origins (Pilot Story + Cover) by riockman Battle Core Origins (Pilot Story + Cover) by riockman
I have this kind of pre-prequel (yeah the background plot is more ancient than the plan of the prequel chapters in my mind) of Battle Core (now Aethermorpher).
I did this in my first years as a college student.

The story started on 1000 years from the original story.
I tried to make a really different take of the story, same plot device, but in the distant past.

Long, long ago, creatures from myths and fantasies live among humans. But not all of them are friendly.
Humankind seeks for otherwordly power to protect them, the Aethercore itself.
Humans even tried to copy the gods' powers from the core itself, creating a crystal that will power their mortal body up, called "Gaiacore".
Those power will let the humans harness the nature's power and put it in their attacks.
It is far less powerful than the Aethercore itself, but proven useful.

The heroes are bunch of ragtag soldiers, who got hired by the kingdom's elites to exterminate a monster den.
In the last chambers, they found a living egg, a transparent one, that contains a body of a little girl.
One of them realized that the girl is the source of the monsters in the place itself, and decided to destroy her before something bad happens.

But the egg hatched.
The girl, woke up in the broken eggshell, bathed by the liquids that contained her inside the shell, start to spoke to them.
The group decided to spare her, unable to kill someone/something that doesn't fight back or even had bad intentions.
They took her inside their guild house and nurses her, under the elite's nose.
But little they know, the girl grew quickly little by little, wreaking minor chaos and start to spark attention from the people.
Until the kingdom's elites finally know that she is the source of the monster's investation.
The corrupt elites tried to capture her, because they know that she is an incarnation of the evil goddess, mother of all monsters, Tiamat.
They tried to force her to bestow her own Aethercore unto them, so they can use it for evil plans.

The heroes, of course, cannot stay still. They run away, they fight back.
To defend the evil goddess from being truly awakened by evil hands of human itself.

The rest of the story will be a secret. As I planned this one as a comic pages, not a narrative one.

Ah, my old shame.
Now you finally see how my early days of creating comics like.
It's effing crappy.
Sloppy traditionals with lame coloring and editing skill.
Feel free to laugh.

Note that they all have that gauntlet with orb-thingy on their hands.
The gauntlet is the "power device" and the orb crystal is the power source. 
Those are the plot device in this story of mine. 
You can think about Saint Seiya, Shulato, etc etc you name it for comparison (Clothes and Shaktis), those crystals and gauntlets are the things that will always be seen in almost every chapter and the story kinda revolves around them.
TAmazingRandom Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
I think it sounds interesting. I love action fantasy. I also like the idea of them stuck with the incarnation of Tiamat. They know she's made of pure evil, but they can't kill an innocent child. It's a pretty cool idea.
riockman Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Thanks fro checking. I hope I can implement my ideas to a comic page soon.
There are so much idea and so little time to draw.
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