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Aethercore - Fenrir (Lineart) by riockman Aethercore - Fenrir (Lineart) by riockman
A core crystal, filled with the soul essence of Fenrir.
In my story, Fenrir is a wolf god of destruction, tasked to kill other gods.
The user, if not strong enough, will be overtaken by Fenrir's murderous rampage and then destroy their surrounding.
But Fenrir itself is "chained" inside the crystal, unable to fully taking over the user's body.

However, there is a way for the gods inside the crystal to be summoned to aid, or destroy the user itself if deemed unworthy...

The further the story moves, the gods and demons inside the crystals can communicate with the users.

Name: Revi Rayland 
Quote: "I don't know what is my reason for fighting. But at least for now, I don't want you to hurt. That's my reason."

This core's power used by one of the main hero.
The character is a rich boy who hated his life of being pampered after seeing outer world that is not as good as his huge home sweet home, then chose to live as far as he can from his parents' effect.
He even took menial jobs to support himself. 
Apathetical to others, he rarely socializing with others, or asking for help even though he really needs it. He has his own reasons for that, which will be explained later.
Even though sometimes his faithful maids (who stalked him in command of his parents) came to help when he is cornered.
He learned to accept to live with others, and finding his purpose of accessing Fenrir's power.
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August 17, 2016
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