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Aethercore - Artemis (Lineart) by riockman Aethercore - Artemis (Lineart) by riockman
A core crystal, filled with the soul essence of Artemis.
In my story, Artemis is a goddess of hunting, and knowledge.
The user will be blessed with a high-speed body movement and a sharp eyesight.

Name: Lisa “Liz” Felnagann 
Quote: "If you don't want to obey, I WILL make you."

The user is the school president of the school that the heroes' attend.
She is a girl that's hard to predict, many people that knew her calls her with the "sly fox" nickname.
Outside, she is a hard-as-diamond school president who enforces school laws to all the students and punishes whoever breaks the law.
But inside, she enjoyed dominating, taking advantage and making fun of others, pulling many weird expressions it made people suspicious or scared, even enticing the male hero for fun.
Some people who knew her assumed that she suffers bipolar, or might be a yandere, or even a closet dominatrix.
She won't think twice to use her powers (secretly) to bring order in her domain, the school. 
Either with threats or even physical pain.

But in the battles, she is the brilliant strategy planner.

Even though she is quirky (and scary sometimes), she hides a dark past, and she didn't really want to talk about it.
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August 17, 2016
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