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Hey guys, I got some news from some of you before, which there was a "Rin look-alike" about. Some of you came to me about it, which I said to leave it alone and it's whatever. I was a little iffy about some looks of her, but honestly they are probably just having fun and let them be.

After some time though, this person came to me and said they were being harassed. This is NOT okay. It's never, ever okay to harass anyone. SO after some talking, we came to an agreement.

This person is Tiera-The-Yordle. We have spoken about what has happened and came to terms. She's going to fix a few minor issues with the design so 1.) she stops getting called a "Rin Clone" and 2.) to make me comfortable on some design aspects that I was slightly worried about (The wings specifically. Maybe some other minor things to differentiate the two. Ear shape? Tail shape? Possible. We're working on it!)

I've given her freedom and feedback on how I felt, and we're both working everything out peacefully.

But I will once again specify, never, ever, ever is it okay to harass someone. I've said that a million times on Twitter, Twitch, everywhere I go... and I'll say it again here. Do not, ever, if anyone has a similar design to me or stealing my work, harass someone. Bring it to my attention, and it becomes the absolute worse-case-scenario, I'll ask for help taking it down if people are stealing my work and unwilling to comply. No matter HOW MAD, SAD, DEPRESSED, OR UPSET I MIGHT BE, IT IS NEVER OKAY TO HARASS SOMEONE. EVER.

I do not own "yordle". I only own Rin's design. And even HER design was inspired from other things that I enjoyed, which was the IDEA of Yordles back in 2010 (meglings were just veto'd, so what would a female yordle look like between a teemo and a tristana?) and also my love for my FFXI mithra character, along with aspects of an animal I enjoyed, Fennecs, for the ears and a desert cat, for the long puffy body. The parts of Heimerdinger came in because I was a Heimer main, and my friends started to call me "Rinidinger" as a joke. I thought, wow! I could turn that into a cute character in the game I bet, and even went about putting this INTO THE CLIENT. I was designing off of elements that I loved of me, that defined me, and turned "me" into a yordle. Also, I needed a senior thesis for college...

The tail idea was for my mithra, and later when I decided Rin WAS going to be a "yordle", I realized it was bad to have and tried to chop it off. Ya'll got so mad at me though... so I kept it. Then Gnar came out way later, and well, ta-da? I had a SOMEWHAT bad reason to have it for her?

The wings were another bit that I came to develop after some years, since Rin needed her own invention. When I was young I use to be chastised for the "wing craze" and I hated that (You can't draw wings on a character! It's so cliche! It's so dumb! You can't be an artist doing that!). I was so heart broken about it I ripped the wings off of all my characters.. and granted, to a degree, some of them were right! But it still gave me fuel for the fire. Instead, I decided to design Rin a unique glider with my obsession of flight and the use of aether and magic, and hextechnology. Literally, my thought was "They ripped my wings off, so I built my own". Also, one of my favorite moves to help inspire this? TREASURE PLANET AND FLY AWAY HOME. AAAAA MY HEART. SO I HAD TO OKAY! And it worked!

This is how Rin is. This is how she came to be. INSPIRATIONS off MANY different things that eventually molded and morphed and designed slowly over the last 8, almost 9 years to create what she is today. Her lore and everything has changed to what she is. This is INSPIRATION of many things. And Inspiration is okay. COPYING isn't, but again, NO ONE DESERVES A HEAPING RATION OF HATE MAIL AND SPAM TO GO KILL THEMSELVES. THAT IS NOT OKAY. THAT FIXES NOTHING. Talk stuff out, calmly, and work things out together. Help people learn. Maybe see their side, maybe it was coincidence? Maybe they thought things were okay but it's not? There could be so many options that the person is going through we don't know. And again, even if it's worse case scenario, giving them the attention if they are meaning vile problems is not going to solve it at all. It's going to spur them to do it more. Try to take it down, quietly, and move on.

Spread love guys. Sorry for the long post.
So most of my finished work goes here, but I have a hard time putting my sketch work up here, so...! Let's fix that!

If you guys want to see all my work and random pictures in one place, you can check out my instagram, which I'm trying pretty hard to get use to using more.

If you want to watch me draw live, check out

If you want a sporadic time of EVERYTHING from sketches and art to projects and the know-how of me going on, check out

If you want to see art and the occasional RPing scene from me, check out

If you want to find ALL my social media, including commission prices/application form/mailing list, check out my full website!

If you want to buy stuff from me, check out

You can also buy chibi drawings from me and get the full PSD file for PERSONAL use such as banners for youtube, twitch, or icons and more! Just so long as you don't sell the art! (IE: You can't earn money off of it, such as selling it on a t-shirt.)

Finally, If you just want to support me in general, I have a patreon as well. If you are a 5$+ Patron OR Subscriber on Twitch, you guys get access to my PSD files, art raffles, speed paints, and more.

Thanks for the core!

Sun Jan 14, 2018, 12:08 AM

Hello anon! I dunno who gave me the core membership (it said just anonymous deviant) so thank you very much!

I know I don't come around here often but I try to post my works from time to time, mostly finished stuff. I stream almost all the time though ( and all work, including all sketch commissions and the likes go up on twitter (RinTheYordle). That's the easiest ways to get a hold of me :)

Love you all and love jumping back in once in a while to see what work is happening around here. Keep it classy friends!

So, I'm sort of alive! I don't come to DA often anymore, and sorry for that!

You guys can contact me on Twitter, Twitch, and Tumblr much easier, if you need me!

I'll still post some of my work from time to time, but will be searching for a better overall hub and portfolio for my work.

Thanks for being here and supporting me either way!

Love you guys! See you on stream!


Thu Jun 9, 2016, 12:56 PM

Well now! I'm finally back after my con rush! I had PAX East, then BLFC, which I drove to (14 hours) then drove to San Jose for Fanime (14 hours) and then came home instantly to get right into Phoenix Comicon.... SO. THAT WAS CRAZY. I put 3K+ miles on my car in 3 weeks. WHEEE. 

However, how many of you I got to meet.. how awesome all of you were to me, was pure AMAZING. Thank you SO MUCH for EVERYTHING guys. I could seriously cry.

Up next, I'm prepping for Anime Expo! I also got tickets to PAX West/Prime! I wont be working it this time, so I'll be around saying hi to folks a bit more/doing meet ups where I can!

I'll be posting more work up here as I get to it. I also have some exciting news and streams coming up too before AX as well!

I hope to see you all soon. <3 Keep being amazing. Love you all!


Mon May 2, 2016, 10:44 PM


Soooo yeah.. uh.. THINGS ARE BUSY.

I post a HELLA LOT to tumblr and twitter. Sooo I kinda forget to put my finished works here... sorry >_>;

Anyways, posted my new work up with watermarks, and now to inform you of current conventions!

I'M GOING TO BLFC AND FANIME! Back to back here in May, but it's going to be fun. CAR TRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIP! Who will I see, and where? Lemme know so I can say hi :D I'll be selling at both, with most of the stuff you saw posted here recently... Lots of Undertale, Digimon, Steven Universe, some  Rin, and more!:D EXCITED

Working on Conventions!

Thu Jan 14, 2016, 11:59 PM

I'm trying to make a list of conventions to see this year.

Currently I should be good and ready for AX! So I hope to see you guys there!

Hoping to make an appearance at Fanime, SACAnime, Summoners Con, and more? I did not make it into ACEN's lotto system this year, so that sucks, but oh well! Maybe next year?

I'm probably going to stick to West Coast unless I know who is showing up East Coast Side and have a stable group going. This is just to make sure I don't hurt my budget trying to make it over!

Are you guys excited for any conventions? Will I get to see you? Let me know!

Stolen Art???

Sat Dec 5, 2015, 3:36 PM

Apparently an old art of mine, a drawing of Kennen holding his Ninja Star

Kennen Commission by RinTheYordle

Has been stolen and being sold on a wall scroll in an Asian Gifts Shop in the NewGate Mall in UT.

Anyone know how I can go about getting legal action? I called the store, the owner isn't in and one the shop employee told me she's not sure when he will be in ever, and to keep calling back. She thinks it might be imported, so I have to talk to the people its imported from.

... but she's not sure where.


It's a pretty bad crop job too. I'm not sure why it even got used in the first place. I have to ask Riot if there's something they can do, since they don't allow mass marketing of their characters either through 3rd parties.…

Here's the tweet my friends sent me. I'm really shocked.

Any information would be greatly appreciate on how to move forward.

Thanks guys!

Summoner's Con Table #6!

Mon Nov 16, 2015, 10:49 PM

I'll be at summoner's con this weekend! Table number 6! I'll be there with Kalce :D


First time selling at a con! I'm excited!!!

Cheap LoL Chibi commissions

Sat Oct 24, 2015, 1:27 PM

Information and agreement here. Limited time! 40 instead of the normal 60-80 USD+ I charge for chibis.

Benefits of personal use of the chibi (website, icons, overlays, whatever you want), and one free item of whatever I make out of said product. (mostly will be made into buttons, might make into key chains later though!)

There's the google form to sign up. Let me know if you have questions!

No Watermark + PSD (Patreon)

Wed Sep 9, 2015, 12:10 AM

I know a lot of you have asked for non-watermarked things before. For a while, I was reluctant because people have abused this in the past. HEAVILY.

I am now opening these non-watermarked PNGs to anyone who is a 5$+ Patron on my Patreon, located here: . You will have those PNG files, along with the PSDs and more. 

Ones that you CAN use are marked as such. Ones you CAN NOT USE are marked as well. Just read on each post and you'll find what is available to you. (I post smaller versions of commissions so that those trying to learn or get ideas on how I make stuff can study them. These commissions are NOT AVAILABLE FOR USE AT ALL, just for study!)

If this gets abused, it will be taken down. But for now, at least people can start getting some PNG files to use for overlays if they so choose to do so :) As long as its not the raw file being posted that others can take and post around without my watermark. These PNG files will be available for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Again, such as overlays for stream, banners, whatever :)

Let me know if you guys have questions!

Thanks from /ALLChat!

Fri Jun 12, 2015, 9:51 PM



Thank you so SO much everyone for all the love and kind words! Thank you for checking out my work, following me, and if you've been here for a long time... THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME WHO I AM! I hope to keep getting better as the years go on! I have so much to improve on, but I wouldn't have made it this far if it wasn't for you all. 

Mad love to you all. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Baby Steps to Art

Sun Apr 26, 2015, 6:34 PM

So today on stream I had a lot of people who were interested in art, but didn't know how to start, and every time they did they felt flustered it didn't come out right. They immediately tell me "I'm an adult, but I draw like a child!"

Well of course you are, you never started as a kid! That's like us not learning how to read or write. So why not start as we did as kids?

Guys, lemme tell you something. When I first started making art as a kid, I use to pause the TV screen and draw the cartoons from the TV. Same with my Pokemon and Digimon cards. I would still try to draw my own things from my mind, but learning I didn't know where to go or how to do it, so I would try to imitate what I saw.


Now that we have the internet and things spread like wild fire, there's something you guys should know about imitating art and artists you like.

1.) Make sure it is okay with the artist that you do this. Tell them it is a learning experience ONLY FOR YOU. Some artists are okay with it, others are not. Not at all.

2.) Try not to post it online unless you really need to. If you do, MAKE SURE YOU GIVE CREDIT AND SHOW THE ORIGINAL PIECE THAT YOU COPIED FROM. LINK TO IT. Again, tell people that you are BRAND new to art and trying to figure out how it works. "Hello. I made this looking at [X] picture. I am very new to art. Are my line strokes ok? What should I do next? Thank you again [PERSON] for letting me draw off of your original drawing. This was a good learning experience to get started. I found out that I like my mechanical pencil most, and learned what eraser I like too. I found out I can make line art kind of like this, too, by erasing certain details away." ETC...

3.) ALWAYS GIVE CREDIT. ALWAYS MAKE SURE IT'S OKAY. ALWAYS COMPLY WITH THE ORIGINAL ARTIST(S) AND NEVER EVER TRY TO PASS IT OFF AS YOUR OWN. People will catch on to you, and it's a horrible, horrible way to get in trouble.

4.) DON'T TRACE. Tracing, I feel, gets you no where. Look at what you are to imitate and try to draw that on your own. Get comfortable with your materials; Such as your tablet pen or your pencils. These things take time, so don't fret! Learning your materials is the FIRST thing to drawing. Getting comfortable on how to make them and replaying back what you see gives you an idea of what you are going to expect later out of yourself. You start to see where others put shades, make line strokes, etc. TRACING WILL NOT DO THIS FOR YOU. You will not look to pick out these items, usually. You will auto pilot and follow the lines. When you have to imitate what you see, your brain starts trying to connect the dots... why is this line here? what does it do?

5.) Give yourself time. This is just a way to get use to your medium so you feel comfortable to take the next step. You don't have to focus on proportions right now, since those proportions are already laid out for you. So are the compositions. This is solely to get you thinking about what that artist did, and how they obtained it.

I am not saying to do this always. Nor am I saying its the only way to learn. I am telling you MY experience on it, and as a kid, what I did. We ALL start somewhere and many of us learn by imitation before molding it into our own skills and learning how to process from there. 

Make sure that once you feel you have a minimal understanding from this, and you want to continue art, that you learn the real basics. Proportions. Drawing from life. Perspective. Realism. Cartoons. Maybe even some animations. How to break objects down to their minimal bits so you can plot a drawing or make proportions correctly. Color theory. ETC.

Imitation helps us in the beginning to understand what you are doing. Just like learning how to cook, or better, learning how to write. Something as simple as cutting meat or writing our names, we see, we learn, we take it in and then learn how to process it ourselves. Properly. By ourselves.

Be kind, give credit, and don't be a butt. It's okay to start with baby steps, just make sure you don't pass yourself as someone you are not. BE YOU. BE RESPECTFUL TO OTHER ARTISTS FEELINGS. Not everyone is okay with it, and that's okay that they aren't. 

LoL FanArt Feature!

Thu Apr 16, 2015, 11:28 PM

WOW Guys. Today has bee unreal. The amount of support that flooded into my twitter, twitch, and here is CRAZY. I'm trying to catch up with all the notes!

I just wanted to take another moment to say THANK YOU for everything. You guys are my reason for continuing my art. I do this for myself, but mostly because YOU guys give me a reason to do it. You all are my inspiration. I can NOT thank you guys enough for everything //^___^//

The blog is here with the fan artist feature:…

Thanks again Riot Jynx for the opportunity. I really hope to continue progressing and making even BETTER fan art and original art for Rin as well.

Expect a lot from me guys, I'm really pressing myself to take off in my art and continue progressing myself.

Mad love guys!

Commissions CLOSED!

Mon Nov 17, 2014, 4:07 PM

Sorry guys, commissions are currently closed. I am very backed up at the moment and seemingly moving pretty slow on my current list. I will post again when commissions are open.

Thanks for the interest <3

Rin's Patreon!

Sun Jun 29, 2014, 4:58 PM

Hey guys! So, I finally started my Patreon!

And guess what? It'll be updating even MORE as time goes by! Yep! So feel free to give me feed back and tell me what I need to change to make it even more successful!

If you could help pass it on, or just give it a look, I'd really appreciate it guys!

Stream Times!

Sun Apr 27, 2014, 11:16 AM


Current Streaming Schedule!

Check out My Twitter for frequent stream updates! Following me here will also notify you why I go online!

All times are in Mountain Central Time (Arizona) since I do not have daylights savings.. please keep that in mind!

ART DAYS/TIMES: 12PM - Tired .
DAYS OFF: Saturday + Sunday.
ART TUTORIALS: Tuesday at 12PM.
GW2 STREAM: Usually Monday or Tuesday! Check twitter for other days, too!
GAME DAYS: Game time usually starts up between 6PM and 7PM til I am tired. Check Twitter RinTheYordle for updates when and what I'll be playing!

Why did you follow me?

Sun Oct 13, 2013, 1:36 PM

I'm just curious. I get a random influx of people from time to time and I'm curious why you follow me and how you found me?…

A short version of what I talked with about Ark today! And some comments he made to me.

Copy/Past from my journal:

I just had a very long talk with Ark after I got home today. He's EXTREMELY eager to work with a sourcing program and keep working on his website for the better of ARTISTS.

"[5:12:54 PM] Arkadiusz: I understand it too. So don't worry about me. For me most important are artists."

"[5:07:28 PM] Arkadiusz: I didn't say that artist profiles have been required. It should be optional. But it was only idea. Everything it will be up to up. Of course we need some time becasue it isn't easy."

"[5:03:55 PM] Arkadiusz: First of all before we implement something, we want to be sure that what we'll add you enjoy"

Just some snips of our conversation. Ark has been very kind and please excuse his English! He's very concerned with how the website is and how much people have spoken up recently. HE WANTS TO CHANGE THAT TO MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY.



\o/ I'm so happy right now. I'm hoping this will make everyone happy. I will be posting here more about ELOHELL updates and anything Ark has to say to me. He wants to confirm any changes he does before implementing them.

Currently, he's already taken down the watermark and the (C) next to people who post it. Now there seems to be a poster comment section as well, where people (if they are nice) can add sourcing. He is going to work on this more so that we can have better sourcing of our work, and where (hopefully) everyone can help with the sourcing process if someone else doesn't add it.


More ELOHELL Updates!

Thu Jun 6, 2013, 8:34 AM…

Whole conversation there so far. Basically, I've had some issues with time zones. But we finally got to chat a bit more, and I put in the basic request. I hope to talk to him sometime next week.

Progress FTW! \o/ He seems very eager to work with us, guys, and is very kind so far. Let's see what we can do to work together rather than ripping each other's throats apart!