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Matrim Cauthon: Wheel of Time: Commission

By RinTheYordle
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Richard, my boyfriend, gave me an idea and I ran with it. He gave me lots and lots of details about this character and we finally settled on this.

This is a desktop background for him! I reduced the size so he has the only copy of the full version :D

I hope you guys like this! I like how the background came out most. Ill be working more like this I think!
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Rin, Wow that is awesome. Have you ever thought about the scene where Perrin makes Mah'alleinir? I feel that would be pretty epic as well. Thank you for all of the Awesom LoL artwork as well. First time I have seen a good WoT piece. I think this can even compete with the original book cover art.
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Aww thank you! I sadly haven't even read the book. It was something I really needed to do! This was a commission for my ex boyfriend but apparently to those who are fans, they really like it! I even have someone asking for a chibi for one of the characters, haha! :D I'm really glad I did okay with having little to no knowledge of the books ^___^ Thank you!
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Hello! This image has been featured on's Fan Art Friday Blog!…

I hope you'll stop by and check it out, and if you're a WoT fan (wich I guess you are since you're making fanart ;P ), you should totally register on DM!

Sincerely, Mish
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So perfect! Mat is my favorite!
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Very cool rendition of Mat!
I like the colors and shades here.
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This is beautiful and I totally want it as my background, too. T_T
For someone who's never read the books (which is a SCANDAL, by the way), you've captured the dude pretty dang well. :)
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Thank you! I know I know, I'm saaaad! BUT! My boyfriend is gonna give me a duplicate of the first book, so I hope ot be catching on to the series soon!
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Although, I just noticed, any particular reason the spear is so short and not getting to the ground like it seems to want to?
Idk, it just makes more sense in my mind since it looks like he's leaning on it and all.
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You're welcome.
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except the Band's logo...its a pretty admirable work.
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I honestly dont know anything about the book. I've been needing to pick it up. My boyfriend told me everything he wanted on it, so I drew it to his expectations. I hope I did justice, cause I hear the series is amazing *__*
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yeah u do justice to Mat's character...i specially like a little cartoonish effect to it.
Wheel of Time is Amazing :)
i hope u read it soon. :D
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Thank you very much! I hope I do too <3
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Awesome job, this looks so great!
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This is amazing. I need to get better so I can do stuff like this.
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Awwwwwwwwww. GO GO GO I BELIEVE YOU CAN I bet you could anyways :P
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I'll have to see when I get back to school and my tablet. I didn't bring it home with me. I might not have that much time anyway being crammed with schoolwork.
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PLEASE do more things like this. This is just amazing, especially thanks to the background :D
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whoot, I shall try, thanks man :D
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That reminds me, I need to finish the SoT series...and maybe sometime in my life get back to rereading and finishing the WoT series too..
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