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Maiev of Fenrir

The fruits of what happened on my live stream tonight.

Im still speechless from the turn out..........

I was being harassed by a certain taru to draw more tarus. Therefore obviously I drew said taru ;3 lawl.

This was incredibly relaxing to do.

Just blue line art. I will use this as an example of commissions to come once I am able to open them

Tomorrow night I will probably stream the finishings of =otakudemolitionist's Raz commission.

Thank you again guys... seriously...

Maiev owned to ~Majeev
Drawing owned to me
Tarus owned to SE.
Stuff like that. :P
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LovelyDagger's avatar
is it alright to color this? Maimai requested, but I do want to make sure that's alright with you too. great line art~ hohoho
RinTheYordle's avatar
O_O;; sure! Go right ahead XD I want to make new line art anyways cause I like it but... MEEEEH. :/

Hhahahaha that guy... XD
Darktaru's avatar
hehe really cute. Btw are you in Fenrir?
Majeev's avatar
Im fenrir cool :D its a cool bean server!
Darktaru's avatar
Yeah, it seems like everyone in DA is in Fenrir lol
RinTheYordle's avatar
Aye capt'n I am! :3 Fenrir I be!
Darktaru's avatar
damn, all the cool ppl are in Fenrir lol
cactuar's avatar
cuuuuuute♥ nice crean rines
Majeev's avatar
go color it glace! :)
RinTheYordle's avatar
whyyy thank you ms cat lady thing. :D
PercipientFish's avatar
I remember her. I asked her to synth some Koenig Handschuhs for me, but she wanted to keep the HQ and sell it, giving me a cut of the profit. D:
Majeev's avatar
haha u probably login when i was played by my brother XD i've even synth ppl dalmatica -1 (i also have a 100 cloth) as well as HQ manteel and let em walk away XD

haha can poke me if u want synth lol, jus catch me at whitegate XD
PercipientFish's avatar
Oh. >.> Your brother's an asshat. lol

I don't play so much these days, I doubt I'll ever need to have a cursed item synthed for me again. :/
RinTheYordle's avatar
As Maiev said it must've been his brother cause yeah, he's been pretty cool to me, telling me to abuse his synth skills ^^;;;

He also once needed 1m and I was weary about this, but he gave me two ores and 50,000g to make sure it was an even trade just needed it right up front and would trade back. Next day I got all me money back and traded him back his ores :O so...

definately must have been his brother XD
Majeev's avatar
lulz, well i told rini that she can abuse my 100gs/100cloth :D she can be the proof XD (told her b4 this comment XD)
Amaipetisu's avatar
I never saw your linework so clean and neat, if this is a sample of commission, girl, you're gonna be rich! :D I love Maiev's taru, very adorable!
RinTheYordle's avatar
You think??? XD I dont think I'll be RICH, but I do hope people will like it if they commission me @___@ <3 <3 <3

Nigai's avatar
You finished! <3 So much awesome in this m'lady! Still love how deliciously solid your lines are, yet how you did them was just. Wow. :drool:
RinTheYordle's avatar
; ; <3 <3 <3 <3 Thank youuuuu waaaaaaaaaa ; ;
Nigai's avatar
*pats head and hands a tissue* No cry. =D
priestessofpie's avatar
Yeah, this still looks freakin' sweet. Great job. =D
RinTheYordle's avatar
Thank you ; ; and thank you for watching last night, chika. <3
nakira's avatar
yeah, this came out badass Rini!! :D :D
RinTheYordle's avatar
8D!!! you think? Ahhhh yayyyyy so many people seem to like it and and and... I had fun doing this too! And... wtf @___@ omg <3
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