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Hi all! I wanted to do an update for all commissioners since it might seem like I'm doing them out of order but I'm actually doing them in order in who paid first but here's an updated list on whose commission I'll be working on in the correct order!

1. nooseygoosey
2. Risika-chan (waiting on reference)
Xeikaa (waiting on reference)
4. quaazera
5. Derranged
6. moondust70

If I haven't received a reference from you yet, please send me when you can! If I get to your slot and still have not received, I'll keep moving down the list until I get a reference from you.


EDIT: All slots taken! thank you so, so much everyone! ;__; <3

Hi everyone!! I haven't opened commissions in a while but I plan on doing these over the course of the year (my goal is to try and finish 1-3 a week)~ This will be cross-posted on Toyhouse as well! Info below:

$80 (+$45 for couples) per piece | 15 Slots available 

Terms of Service:
- Payment is in USD and must be through PayPal. 
- Slots are first come first serve.
- Once you claim a slot, please note me character information as soon as you can.
- Payment must be upfront and I will only start your commission once payment is received.
- If characters are heavily detailed, I may charge extra for it.
- OCs must have full picture references. I will not draw characters based solely on written descriptions.
- A commissioner may only claim up to 2 slots.
- Commissions are for personal use only.
Will draw: Original characters, fanart, etc.
Won't draw: Explicit or offensive material, anything that's heavily NSFW

:star: = Paid

1. quaazera :star:
2. pluehunter :star: -DONE-
3. Purishira :star: -DONE-
4. haderu @ TH :star: -DONE-
5. lwyn :star: -DONE-
6. Xeikaa :star:
7. ReversiWings :star: -DONE-
8. Risika-chan :star:
9. Hanged-Hourai :star: -DONE-
10. Hanged-Hourai :star: 
11. AutumnCrazed :star:
12. moondust70 :star:
13. moondust70 :star:
14. Derranged :star:

(p.s. I might be a bit slow to respond wheeze running out for a bit!!)

Hi everyone!! This is a new species I've been working on and will hopefully have out to the public soon cries... Info is still kinda in the works (other than physical traits) so I'll probably add more in the future! please feel free to leave feedback~

Bumblbearinfo by Rinslettuce
THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR THE BDAY WISHES!! I had an absolute blast ;__; <33 

A bit of an update of everything that's going on: I bought my very first house and the closing date was exactly on my bday too so that was super exciting! Will probably be moving in sometime around Dec-Jan I CAN'T WAIT

thanks everyone again, I really had a wonderful time this year T_T_T ALL THE BDAY WISHES MAKE ME EMOTIONAL
Untitled1-down by Kaiet

There's apparently been a couple of cases of art/design theft going on from this website that allows you to make your own avatar sets. Please check out this journal for more details and help spread the word!!

<da:thumb id="563273276"/>
WAH HI EVERYONE I'll be attending A-Kon 26! 

6254c59a71c19576b8ccbbe79ac46173 by Rinslettuce

I'll be at Table C3 with :iconakanekari:, :iconkokotensho:, :iconkaiet:, :iconniaro: and :iconcrownwaltz: 

Feel free to drop by and say hi! I'll be selling a lot of the same prints from last year along with new merchandise I made this year! Hope to see you there!

(P.S. we'll be cosplaying Touken Ranbu with me as Tsurumaru so come be our saniwa :iconheplz:)
Hi all! crownwaltz was super nice and included me as part of her Patreon (mainly to take me out to lunch once a month LAUGHS..) so in return, I added a little reward of my own!

You'll be able to get one colored doodle from me a month (characters of your choosing)
We currently only have one spot for this tier open so if you're interested, you can check it out here!

Colored doodles will look something like this:
Orionforlore by Rinslettuce  Cyene by Rinslettuce Melaniemrpanda by Rinslettuce

In addition to that, you'll be able to get
- A guaranteed spot for Alpha and Beta testing for Spirit Parade as well as future visual novel projects from us (and other ones that Lore will be doing)
- Early access to the visual novels
- 3 votes to crownwaltz's fanfiction writing priority list
- Shout out from crownwaltz every month on her Tumblr and Twitter

If not, please check out the other tiers! She's got some great rewards! 

Other Patreons to check out:
Hi everyone! 

Sorry for the lack of updates with commissions/customs/adoptables lately ;__; I've been putting a lot of my time into working on Spirit Parade, which we're aiming to release in late Spring.

There isn't too much left on my work list and I'll occasionally try to sneak in time to finish a custom or commission, but I won't really be able to work fully on them until the end of May, which I'm really, really sorry about! Thank you for having patience with me! If you don't want to wait, please feel free to contact me at any time and I will refund you! 

Thank you so much for all the support and if you have any questions, just shoot me a message or leave a comment! 
:new:GOOD NEWS GUYS!! Thanks to everyone's support, Spirit Parade's been Greenlit! Once we finish the game, it'll be available on Steam! I'll be keeping this journal updated with news. If you haven't played the free demo yet, you can do so anytime on our!

OMG HELLO EVERYONE!! I'm super proud to announce that Spirit Parade, an otome game I've been working on with crownwaltz and akanekari, finally has it's demo released!

You can download it here:…

The demo is completely free to play and covers the entire common route. Preorders for the full-game is $10 and will be $15 when the full game is out (we haven't decided when to close the preorder price but it'll be at least a month or two before we do!).

Please feel free to play through the demo! We'd love to hear your feedback on the art, background, UI, characters, and writing! 

Also, please follow our production diary for the latest updates:

Spirit Parade: Character Lineup by Rinslettuce

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Now for a little bit of a personal note~~

We started this project probably around mid October 2014 (though crownwaltz and I joked about doing an otome game together for quite some time) so I'm really proud to be able to get this far and get the demo out in just a few months. We're going to aim the finish it up in the next couple of months so please be on the lookout for that! 

I'd love to hear what everyone thinks of this and for everyone to play the free demo. Even if you don't buy, I'd love for people to spread the word and give us feedback! Also please feel free to follow the production diary because we'll try to update that as constantly as we can with progress and do giveaways for merchandise and free codes and whatnot! 

Thank you so much everyone!

also now that the demo is out I can finally get back to finishing commissions THANK YOU FOR BEING SO PATIENT WITH ME ;__; <3
Hi all, I normally keep something like this private and between me and the artist, but there just isn't any way to get in contact with them, which I'll explain further below. (please click on the thumbnails to see bigger versions!)

Back in March, I commissioned :iconyoonsik: and paid a total of $208.10 (screenshots below with specific dates)

69fab8d5c4130e3d164697dbd8ac3af7 by Rinslettuce
545ed4382fb64799835f993722d4ba90 by Rinslettuce

Last week on December 26th, I sent her a note asking about the status of my commission
86f062cf651a02bad244fc924ca147af by Rinslettuce

Which then went ignored and a few days later, she deactivated her DeviantART page. (If anyone had tried clicking her icon before and was led to a deactivated page, this is the reason why)

I thought it was kind of suspicious so I went through my Paypal, found her email and sent her a message. 
4fca0f12489e3dab223f9359607f3e7b by Rinslettuce

For extra measure, I also tweeted her about it (her last Tweet to someone was on December 19th)
004902769d2d02ed3def74add6e0578c by Rinslettuce

However, if you go to her twitter now, you'll find that she also deactivated that, which I found today. 
But just for proof, here's a screenshot of it actually existing:
D7f5c0f8cd2158fef0a548e2b459ea67 by Rinslettuce

On a side note though, she seemed to have forgotten that she has a RP/doodle account: :iconanise-tan:
:new: Turns out she also deactived both her Tumblr pages: Mattakuda and tobidori
Proof that they existed:
7f9b54c37b917e7412dd32ff33f8f7c0 by Rinslettuce  D019102cf4d160c34377e90fe6017bb1 by Rinslettuce

Finally today, I google cached her DA page and tried to find out who also didn't get their commission. I noted a couple of people and got 1 reply so far saying that a note was sent inquiring about the commission but no reply was ever received. At this point, it seems pretty obvious that she's avoiding commissioners and refusing to offer any sort of refund.

I wanted to make this public because it seems a lot of others commissioned her but because of her deleting her pages, there was only so much I could find so I want to make a list here of people she owes commissions to. Also, it's to raise awareness (and hopefully she'll see this and do something about it)

So far, the confirmed are:

anonymous (user did not want to be identified)

If you happened to have commissioned her and never got it, please let me know and I'll add you to the list! 

If anyone knows anything about yoonsik and a way to possibly contact her, please also let me know.
Finally, if you can help spread the word about this artist, I'd really appreciate it! ;__;
This is just really upsetting considering the amount paid and had she just been reasonable and noted me back instead of trying to hide, I would have understood completely. 

Thank you so much for reading this, everyone! If this gets resolved, I'll let everyone know and update this journal to clear yoonsik's name. But until then, I will keep this up. 
opening up 1 commission auction slot + taking a few customs for the new year! please read below! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! ;__;

WHAT I'M OFFERING: A composition illustration of one character. Will be at least thigh-up and include a semi-complex bg. Will be drawn at 300 dpi on an 8.5'' x 11'' canvas Examples below:

Mikasa Ackerman by Rinslettuce  Drakengard 3: Zero by Rinslettuce  Arturia by Rinslettuce  Commission - NeonRaptor by Rinslettuce  Commission - Nyxtsuki by Rinslettuce

Bullet; Pink Make sure the character(s) have references. I will not draw by description. 
Bullet; Pink I will also not design any outfits.
Bullet; Pink When sending me info, please include a short description about the character(s) so I know how to draw them. 
:bulletpink: First bid, reply to the "BID HERE:" comment. Any bids afterwards, please reply to the last bidder.

Slot 1:
Starting Bid: $55
Minimum Increment: $5
Buyout: $150

:bulletred:Current Bid: AB'd by :iconvaniraaa:

You can add an extra character for +half the winning bid!

Auction ends Wednesday, January 7th, 7 PM (PST)

Flate Rate Customs:

WHAT I'M OFFERING: Chibi customs done in the style shown below. You are allowed to ask for an original species at no additional cost. 

Adopts AUCTION 18: [CLOSED] by Rinslettuce

Price: $50

If you would like a non-chibi instead like the examples below, the price is $75.
Adopt AUCTION 17: [CLOSED] by Rinslettuce  Custom Trade: Kaiet by Rinslettuce

Order Form:
Type: (chibi or non-chibi)
Clothing Style:
Color Palettes (unless you want it up to me):

Please send me a note for this~ I'll only be taking a couple of slots (not first come first serve)

Hi everyone! I noticed that my adopts were getting resold/traded so I wanted to help and put out a journal to advertise whenever you have one of the ones I made that you'd like to trade or resell! Just leave a comment below and I'll gladly advertise for you! :iconlazyroseplz:

also i need to do a journal with updated adopt rules BUT YES THEY ARE ALLOWED FOR RESELL AND TRADE so long as you don't make a profit off of them (i.e. selling for more than the original price excluding commissions)


Custom Set 02 by Rinslettuce
#2 from xakijyu

Adopts AUCTION 18: [CLOSED] by Rinslettuce
#2 from vvingblade

sorry about the lack of updates lately wheezes i've been so busy ;__; I HOPE EVERYONE'S DOING WELL!!

I'll be going to AX 2014 (not tabling though looks away) SO IF YOU'RE GOING I'D LOVE TO MEET UP and if you're tabling i'd love if you commented below and left your table number so I can visit you wheezes HECK IF ANYONE'S GOING PLEASE JUST COMMENT BELOW I'LL TRY TO BRING YOU GUYS A LITTLE GIFT IF I CAN!!

i'll be in LA from the 2nd to 19th plz keep me company cries


P.S. i also never got around to writing about my experience at a-kon because i'm a piece of crap but IT WENT REALLY WELL.. THANK YOU TO ALL THAT VISITED AND SUPPORTED US OUR SALES WERE AMAZING

also omg thank you so much to :iconprincediem: for dropping by I REALLY LOVED THAT PIC OF COLADA YOU DREW FOR ME I DISPLAYED IT OVER MY BADGE THE WHOLE TIME KISSES U

i wish i could show you all pics of my haul there but alas i didn't buy much i spent all my money on food looks away
WAH HELLO EVERYONE!! i got to participate in a Fate artbook anthology organized by the wonderful PhantomNexus! it was an honor to be able to work on this with a bunch of really talented artists ;__; ESPECIALLY FOR ONE OF MY FAVORITE SERIES (AND THAT SAYS A LOT CONSIDERING THE LACK OF FANART I DO) PLEASE CHECK IT OUT:

you can see a preview of what i did in the thumbnail above! (the third one from the left on the 2nd to last row)

eee hello everyone!

I'm going to be attending A-kon 25 from June 6th through 8th!! please drop by my booth and visit me! :iconlazyroseplz: 

I'll be tabling with crownwaltz (who'll be selling prints for arriku), chibifuel, and Kaiet 
laughs that's a lot of us but trust me i don't think we have enough merch even with our powers combined :iconpapmingplz:

BUT YES PLEASE DROP BY AND PAY US A VISIT i'll be selling prints, acrylic charms, dakimakuras, and more!! i'll try to keep in mind to bring a sketchbook to get people's drawings/signatures n_n 

if you're going, please let me know! DON'T BE SHY I'D LOVE TO MEET YOU!!!
EDIT: AAA CLOSED FOR NOW THANK YOU EVERYONE <333 and if i didn't take your commission PLEASE DON'T FEEL OFFENDED ;__; i just picked according to what inspired me to draw the most 

WAH HI EVERYONE I'll be taking a few colored sketch commissions to add to my AX funds cries also please don't mind any typos I'm posting this from my phone

THESE WILL NOT BE FIRST COME FIRST SERVE also I will start on these after I finish my to-do list below:

Red Strings of Fate artbook submission 
:star: Special Commission for :iconkaiet:

I'll be updating my to-do list every so often so please check my front page!

Here are some samples of what I'm offering below:

They will vary between thigh-up and waist-up.

:bulletgreen: Price: $45
Couples: $65

If you're interested, please leave a comment below or send me a note with the chara(s) you want drawn. Once again this isn't first come, first serve. I'll be choosing characters that inspire me to draw~

I'll note back the ones I pick and will close off the journal once slots are full

All commissions will have complete lineart and color, along with a simple background. It will also be full-body and drawn at 300 dpi.

Point Right Bid by replying to the "BID HERE" comment below.
Point Right Please have the money on hand! I'll send you a note with Paypal information after you have won the auction. SERIOUS BIDDERS ONLY.
Point Right I will start the sketch once I've received payment. Once finished, I'll send you the sketch for approval before I begin lineart/colors. 
Point Right To prevent sniping, I will extend the auction by an hour after each last bid until there are no more.

WHAT I'M OFFERING: A composition commission of one character. Will look something like the samples below:

Fifty Shades of Haute by Rinslettuce  Special Commission - Vaniraa by Rinslettuce

This will include:
:pointr:4-5 poses that can vary between waist-up/knee-up and full-body
:pointr:3-4 decorative chibis or props
:pointr:If you would like a couple composition, it will be an additional price of half the winning bid. (Will still include 4-5 poses and 3-4 decorative chibis or props)

Bullet; Pink Make sure the character(s) have references. I will not draw by description. 
Bullet; Pink I will also not design any outfits.
Bullet; Pink When sending me info, please include a short description about the character(s) so I know how to draw them. 
Bullet; Pink I try to never take more than 3 months to finish a commission, but I also prefer not to be rushed to ensure the best quality. If you would like WIP shots along the way, please let me know!

Starting Bid: $50
Minimum Increment: $5
Autobuy: $300
:bulletred: Current Bid: $125 :iconkaiet:

Starting Bid: $50
Minimum Increment: $5
Autobuy: $300
:bulletredn: Current Bid: $130 :iconmoondust70:

This auction will end Thursday, March 20th, 8 PM (PST)
WAH HI GUYS! I'll be doing some convention prep (HOPEFULLY I'LL BE ABLE TO GET A TABLE FOR A-KON and if not i'll definitely be at AnimeFest cries) so in the mean time, I opened up a Storenvy in case anyone wanted to do preorders and so I can sell future merchandise there. Also, if you won't be able to make it to the cons I'm attending and want merchandise from me, THIS IS A GREAT WAY TO DO IT. IT'S PRETTY EMPTY RIGHT NOW but hopefully I'll be able to get more charms, dakimakuras, buttons, and prints up in the near future.


also please let me know if you're going to A-kon 25 I'D LOVE TO MEET YOU. They'll be sending out artist alley invites tomorrow SO I'LL LET YOU GUYS KNOW HOW IT GOES AND IF I GET A TABLE OR NOT...... LET'S HOPE FOR THE BEST :iconlazypoolplz:
WAH HI EVERYONE i thought i'd do another raffle since i'm nearing 4k watchers now just oh gosh drags face across the floor you guys are the best I'LL TRY TO DO A RAFFLE FOR EVERY 1K WATCHERS I GET holds u all and cries


If you don't see your name, it means you didn't meet one of the requirements! 

So I put it through and here are the two winners!


Two paperdoll chibis. It can be two single charas or a one couple. Ex:
Paperdoll Chibis Batch2 by Rinslettuce   Paperdoll Chibis Batch1 by Rinslettuce

There will be 2 winners.


Point Right This is for WATCHERS ONLY. You can be a new watcher and still be put into the raffle BUT YES, WATCHERS ONLY AND YES, I WILL CHECK.
Point Right To be put into this raffle, you have to share this in your journal. You can link a thumbnail of it or simply provide a link in your entry. After that, comment below with a link to your journal.
Point Right The end date for this raffle is Sunday, March 2nd, 10 PM (PST). After the raffle ends, I will post screenshots of the raffle list and then the number generated from 
Point Right Please read everything in the description before asking any questions! If you ask a question that's already listed here, I will simply direct you to read the rules!
Point Right Also, do not complain if you don't win. This will be done through a randomizer. I do want to do more free raffles in the future but if there are any complaints, I will have to reconsider. 
Point Right The winners will get the full-sized, background transparent version of the characters they want drawn. 

So good luck to everyone!