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October 19, 2018
Ukryty Wymiar by RinRinDaishi
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Ukryty Wymiar

I can finally show you an illustration cover I've done for guys from "Wydawnictwo Alternatywne" for book called "Ukryty Wymiar". It was a pleasure working with them!
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Lovely-Bacar's avatar

looks like a god rising from the universe

ItsCaptainSleepy's avatar
I can see this as god going “yah know what im done this, reseting the universe!” As he walks away from it in a huff.
LocalCat's avatar
Very nice work. I do lots of clay sculpture and I had this vision of a big ethereal being rising from the clouds. This has just inspired me further.
AayushmanK's avatar
Amazing job, congratulations on your well deserved DD!
SilverdarkKnight's avatar
Oh, that is so haunting... I love it. I'm sorry that I don't know where this is from, but it looks amazing all the same. It's like a "Genesis"-type story, very mythical.
RinRinDaishi's avatar
Glad you like it! It's just an illustration cover for sci-fi book I made~
Antsstyle's avatar
Excellent work! :)
RinRinDaishi's avatar
Thank you Antie!
Undeciria's avatar

I love the weight of the composition! I looked right at the human like colossus, is almost that there is an eye on the sky!
Can I ask was is the black looking orb were the people are close by ?  its looks like they are humans on a mission in another planet!
O dont know the true history but the artworks really tells alot  
RinRinDaishi's avatar
As far as I know the black orb is unidentified object that can bring you to other dimension o: Those people gathered around to examine it
Undeciria's avatar

:o  oh like an portal! thank you for the info!!

DavidR1958's avatar
That's brilliant! :)
RinRinDaishi's avatar
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Sherlock59's avatar
Woaw, gorgeous!
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