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May 13, 2021
Hari Sozo - The needle of creation by RinRinDaishi
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Hari Sozo - The needle of creation


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I would like to present to you my entry for the #ArtistAvatarChallenge 
Here is my Alter Ego Art-vatar: Hari Sōzō which translates to "Needle" and "Creation" in Japanese. In alternative world she is a diety of creation. She is a tall figure, bigger than human, wears a geisha style mask hiding both her emotions and intentions behind it. On her back she poses six golden wings proudly spread around her. Her limbs are a work of porcelain and metalic gold decored with various ornaments, her legs extended with golden mechanical extensions. Her hair is pinned elegantly in gentle combination while a long patch of her hair on the back is falling down her shoulders to the ground glowing at the ends. Her kimono is tied with a ribbon around her waist and on the back of it pinning the whole set is her large needle which is her art tool.

It is said that Hari Sōzō gave the begining to the world. Using her long hair as threads and her large needle she slowly sewed the world over hundred thousands of years creating what we now call Earth, treating is as her biggest masterpiece. Starting from a small yarn sized work progressing into larger and larger work. It eventually became so great in size that Hari taylored her golden hounds to send them off into the world to apply needed fixes to the areas far away. But those hounds are playfull and often mean creatures causing commotion as they travel. Thuds of their run starting earthquakes and their loud barks shredding night sky in thunders. They can be often spotted across the night sky as falling stars as they travel a cross the globe.
Nowadays Hari spends most of her time in her temple as the world she created keeps going on its own, sending off hounds ocassionally into the world. She has many worshippers who live in her temple and serve her. Once a year in August she has her own Summer Festival thanking her for all the goods she brought into the world as many red lanterns are set off into the night sky as her golden hounds play with it.

Few words from me:
When I was creating her character I was influenced a lot by my own personality. Silent artist wanting to create a masterpiece that has life of it's own. She as a creator hiding in the shadow of it's glory. A quiet guardian tayloring the world endlessly as she care for all the lives that she started. Japan is also a huge inspiration for me both in culture and history of it. And come on guys, you all know that I love dogs and I wanna have a lot of them.

Wish me luck!
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Great job on this conceptual work. Really like your design and colors as well.

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Congrats on the DD!

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amazing and congraz:clap:

The legend says that if you sail east following the exact coordinates, the Temple of the Golden Needle might appear in front of you, floating, as the last ray of light disappears under the horizon. Nobody has lived to tell the tale though...

LindArtz's avatar

Very Nice work!!! :clap: Congrats on your much Deserved, DD!!!

For My Personal Use Only

Quite beautiful; has life of its own, so to speak.

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Just too beautiful❤

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Sozo also means salvation in Greek

Ivybreeze2020's avatar

Congratulation on getting first!

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Congrats on winning :v

Sonicrules1222's avatar

What are you going to do to celebrate your victory?

RinRinDaishi's avatar

Take a long well deserved sleepsalmon heart bullet

xxDemonxSlayerxx's avatar

Congrats on the win!

DanOstergren's avatar

A very well deserved win. Congratulations!

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congrats on the win!

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Beautiful creation ! Thank you !

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this is amazing, congratulations!!

h0llip0lliy0zza's avatar
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congrats it looks amazing !

bubbles46853's avatar

Those hounds are too cute!!

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