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Alors que dire?
Depuis le temps l'animation "Legendz" a été intégralement traduite et sous-titrée en anglais par l'équipe Ryuu-Rogue. 50 épisodes au total que vous trouverez sur ce…
Alors un grand merci à Nezucho et Ryuu-Rogue pour avoir rendu Legendz accessible aux anglophones!

Sinon rien d'autre à dire. Peu-être que vous verrez prochainement un dessin sur un Turien (qui ne sera forcément le très désirable Garrus.)
Quoiqu'il en soit bonnes années à tous! A dans... une décennie!

90 your dog stinks.
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It's a pleasure to see some people keeping to take a look here, but as you can see Ratty and I'm are rather absent.
Thank you for your incouraging comments, constructive comments .
I don't mind constructive critics or interpretation of course. >.>

I connecte rarely and I feel all lazy .
Contrary to me , Miss Ratbat is drawing her ass off. I think she did about 300 pages for her comics, you should visite her place here in

That's all I guess!

Cia' Cia'!

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Salut tout le monde!

Je ne me suis pas connecté sur DA  depuis a un bon bout de temps (ainsi que Ratbat), excusez -moi pour le temps qu'il me prendra pour répondre.

Merci beaucoup pour les commentaires que vous nous avez laissez. C'est plaisant de voir quelque personnes prendre  un peu de leur temps pour donner leur impressions.

Je vous souhaite une bonne fin d'année 2007 et de passer une joyeuse année 2008!


Hye people!

I did not connected inDA for a long time (also does Ratbat), sorry for the long time it takes me to answer.

Thank you a lot for the comments left. It's pleasant to read someone who spent a little of  his/her time to express him/herself.

I wish you a good ending 2007 and to have an happy 2008 year!

To respond the question that remains:
I have no good tips to give about how to draw.
I can advice you to do  straight lines when you draw even if it is not what you wished to do.
Because, for what I have noticed,  it's what it will give a "living" drawing .
That is why I prefer quick-sketches.

Nono I do not take opium.

                                                   R. (the lazybutt)

It's about a long time I did not connected to my DA account. Also that is the reason some received a very late answer.

I did not answered to every body . I will take some time later to do it so.


for LEGENDZ LOVERS or who would be interested about monsters.

you have a complete site (but still in construction) dedicated to this nice anime.

And also a cool fansubbing team  "Ryuu-Rogue" who unleashed the 19eme episode!

See them on this…

They're also searching for some help.


  First thing : ...


Je vous souhaite de remplir à bien vos résolutions de l'année (si elles sont bonnes, of course  :lol )
  "THANK YOU FOR ALL :icontensainezumi: (even if you're a a rival (you know  who I 'm talking about) ,  a bastard... a jerk! a <censored censored> of dragons!
for all your help thank you  T___T
(and thank you CC to home for2 weeks the 2 losest people ever)TT


It seems as if some of you people would like to have a drawing from me, and I 'm happy to see the interest you have with regards to what my friend Christina and I create.

(You can lean more about Christina by visiting her journal  here:
She sometimes shows erotic drawings there, so please be warned. If you would like a more complete overview of her work, you can follow the link to Edenworldsaga that is posted on the rinpoo-chuang main page).


I have chosen to accept simple commissions now, but I will be rather busy for at least the first
three months of 2007. (I will also be spending time in "blablabla" with my friends, playing
videogame Sudoku, playing cards, WTF IS THINKING ON THE NEANT???, looking at animation
and so short, I'm doing what most of you have as your main activity. XD)

$30 for a simple, cleaned pencil sketch. $60 for a detailed and finished pencil drawing. (Add $15
if you wish to have a sketch or drawing inked and also to have a detailed background)

The addition of inks or a background to a sketch or drawing will cost $15 or more, depending
on the level of detail that is required.

All drawings will be made on high quality paper, with the best possible tools.

Payment by PalPal is required before I will start on a commission.
The expenses of sending finished works by Post are not included.


Merci à toutes celles et à tous ceux qui me supportent!!!!!  (a prendre au 1er, 2nd et 3eme degres)



ya know what? tonight i forced myself to play shadow hearts 3 : from the new world. "forced myself" because i didnt really feel the need to go back to it. Im not saying its a bad game, the graphics arecomperable if not BETTER then that of the latest final fantasy games. and I played the 2nd one "covenant" whitch was infact preatty fucking cool. but I raced to the game store to pick this game up, (physicly baught it) instead of renting it at red octane. Ive been now on this game for the last 2 months.. and I think im close to the end of the game. deep down though i JUST dont care at all. No wonder why they made limited production of this game, the game itself is only a 20 hour game with completely forgettable gameplay and scenarios.
  .. Why do I keep doing this? renting and buying rpg after rpg hopeing to find that next xenogears, or that next FFT, or vagrant story, or old style breath of fire..

  ...why must good games only come along every other year? and why are the only games ive been interested in as of late NOT been traditional rpgs.

youd think everyone could try to hand me some "tried" or some "thought about it" in my so called "next -gen" rpg games. In a time where the kings of gameing are telling us how much BETTER gameing will be after we say Wii or say 599$, they seem to have forgotten how important the games themselves will be- not the systems. PSM magazine last issue stated in an article about the worst case scenario, that "we are likely heading toward a crash in the game market in the near futore" because games are suffering development wise. A handfull of people takeing a formula that is old, and re-packadgeing it for consumption rather then takeing a risk and makeing something trully innovative. we have too manny uninspired suits makeing the financial descisions on what will sell based on the lowest common denominator. you can sell an RPG, and you can sell a sports game, but your likely gunna confuse buyers about a "sports game rpg" whitch COULD be good depending on how serious the development was taken. but im digressing, I dunno how it is in japan, But ATLUS and the ENIX side of squareenix seem to be the only people who actually give a damn about makeing art, and just not enouther title to throw out there. Can we say, Shin megami taisen: nocturne everyboudy? can we say dragonquest? drag-on-dragoon?.  but even then, even if you had these companys working diligently 24/7 your still only gunna get a hit once every 3 or 4 games, and that stinks like the current anime industry.

  ...Im thinking of just not even wasteing time beating this game. I know the ending will allready suck, of course i could probibly waste my time on the mindless filler manny rpg makers install in thier games to add to the total game time like, quests for ultimate weapons, battle arenas, and 100 level dungeions. Or maybe running around in circles for 8 hours to get 100000 steps on my pedomiter, or playing a stupid card game, or easter egg hunts or whatever. ehh fuck it.. what happend to the innovation? the actual writing and the story? where have all the people who care gone? AS is said before, the only games ive seen that tickled my sences latly where shadow of colossus, maybe guitar hero, and definatly ace combat 5 (whitch had a bitchn story) any of these rpgs? technicly not. I KNOW I havent reatched the end of my interest with rpgs, but if these so-called rpg developers want to get my cash and avoid me buying USED or renting, theyve gotta try fucking harder!
I decide to share my account with Ratbat.

1) Because I like her  (OC XD)
2) Because she was treated hardly IMO
3) She's a mecha drawer and  draw fanstatique creatures.
4) She's silly (like me)
5) she's a rat (like me)
6) She's a looser like my friends (and I...maybe) >.>
7) We 've both stupid presidents
and I skip a lot.

(and she 'll help to translate my comics about Jenna Yama and Tigrin XD)
hein? hein?


DA account about Freya chan :)

member :iconasrafarel: (the master!!!)    :iconratbatmk3: (yes her too!) >.>" <.< ...<.> ...  :iconaquafeles:

People who 've to (often) bear me :
:iconratbatmk3: <------ draggy mashine's lover
:iconasrafarel:   <--- un bishonen ( like Dilandau)
:iconevolvana:  <---- Greenmonster's lover
:iconkerberos-:  <-----furries's lover
:iconzephyron:   <---- Flamedramon !!!
:iconwindigofer: <----- un scallybutt (like fulu &Elyon)

Merci les gens :)
Okey I 've reecit the PNG in jpeg .Good
and made the Dilly pic:p

I'm currently busy and I don't think it will be quieter after -_-"" . (meme pendant les vacances TT)

But I've plan to load the comic about Yamaneko, Jenna, Shadowsaber and Tigrin and Aun61 ..But at first I 've to translate this and I think I gonna to "color" it in black and white for give atmosphere :p
  (and maybe a art about shadowS)

Hi people
I think there's nothing more hypocrite than to show  kindness and compassion with the others only for a Christmass Day .

I saw some  (rare) really gentle persons whose people spite on their face because they 're poor or  have a "particular"  mode-life and also the old color skin problem. The same spiters  you can meet on a church, who  "give" you a big smile during the cheking hand process.

I hope naïvely, that one day, all that shit will change.

Ouuf.. ça bien du bien de se lacher  un peu.

Joyeux Noel a toutes les personnes auxquelles je tiens ici ou qui m'en fait rêvé
Windy mon Scaly  , Vana la chieuse , Zephy mon Digiphyle, Kerby  le Furry , Ratbat la pro des bannies et des associales, Les triplettes de belle ville puis mes premiers
for Breath of fire fan (more or less XD) :
Here you can go in the only BOF site dedicace  for BOF saga (I know =p).

and I  will upload some sketch about it , so you can take a look in my scrap quater (XD)

and if some user from  DT and FFworld will see my deviantart  compte (who know ) I give them un salut !!!

that's all .
hum..I've some trouble with that systeme.
I try to upload pictures with a "decent" result quality ... but the probleme his that ...during the upload, the picture "Jpeg" stop at the 1/4 ... so it give a super  U (like ugly) result ... so I try to use "png" format ( that I never use befor) and they faild because of th big place they grab ...
I think it could be because of my 56 kops (en bande passante)..maybe...

I'm sorry for all desagrement  :b (and weird result it could give )
Just know what "Journal" could be useful ...
But I 've nothink to say ...(je me ris de mon incompetence en anglais ; ha_ha_ha_ha)