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Portrait Lord Yamaneko Lynx

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j'aurais du mettre portrait d'un sale mâtou salopard et pouilleux =_____=.
Pere de legume aussi.


I like this man. ^____^;;;;;;;
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Awesome artwork! This artwork shows that how handsome lynx can be. If i can hug him in reality, that would be the greatest day of my life ever. So sexy...
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My favorite character *-*
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Hey Serge! Lynx is your real dad!
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And they say kitties are not dangerous
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That is completely awesome! It's one of the best Chrono Cross illustrations I've seen!
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I love this character, and the game are the best rpg
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Awesome job! love the game ^^
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You brought out the true essence of Lynx!
I'm sooooooooo glad that I found this.
Beautiful artwork!
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lynx is badass he is so cool even tho he's a major douche but he still rocks very very well done real awesome pic
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dude, serious stud! I love your design. You have so much talent!
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I love this picture. and I love how you drew it, like how you did his expression and everything. Lynx is my favorite character ever and this really nice.
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Ah one of the main enemies from Chrono Cross, the ever mysterious Lynx. The artist ability shown in this is absolutely amazing.
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holy wow :wow: this is realllyyy goood!!!!!
I loved lynx in chrono cross =^^=
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Wow, that is NICE. o__o There isn't much I can say that hasn't already been said, but great job! 8D
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Just an awesome rendition of Lynx; undoubtedly the best I have seen on the site to date, relatively little though that is saying. So often is the character cast as overly brutish or slightly too cat-like in fan art that it distinguishes this quality of work all the more. You have truly grasped the malicious, sadistic cunning that the character positively EXUDES in-game, and the liberties that you took in color scheme and clothing design work very well.

Wicked eyes, excellent hair, and an exceedingly threatening, expressive pose overall. Well done; well done, indeed. :)
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Oooooooo! I like! I like very much!
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Reminds me of the game Bloody Roar. Great job!
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May I use this image as a visual description for a race on my forum?
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Very Nice!!!!!!!!!!!
He's from Chrono Cross 2, isn't him? õ.ó
I like this game
Specially the soul-changing thing
Conrgatulations, again! =D
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j'adore ce charac' design ci...son chapeau/casque (????) dechire tout!!
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Doesn't get better than Chrono Cross.
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He is my favorite Character from the two games.
<3 so few fanart of him,I love this truely =)
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