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Nocturne: Manikins path

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The true title is "L'arme du demon , larme de l'enfant" or "Manikins path".

Thank you :iconshizuku90: and Ratbat for the huge "spoiler"!

But it was useful.

The nameless but nonetheless famous hero of Nocturne belong to Atlus.

To minimise problems of interpretation:
It's not the demi-fiend who killed the people behind him; He will fight for them. (Massacra dance).
The image of that person behind is Futomimi, it is the last view the nameless hero has of him. It's an image which is apart from the scene , a bitter "souvenir" who feeds his hatred counter his opponent *censored by :iconnomorespoiler: *.
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This is very cool, and well done. Would make a great wall poster
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LeereMorgueHobbyist Traditional Artist
Futomimi is the one I actually wanted to save, all the other supposed "friends" were assholes.
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FumikoMiyasakiHobbyist General Artist
I can only agree.
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Ah this young sir is a great piece of art. Good job.
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can i cut off this for free? Or i'll kill? :(
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SSJCyberSonicHobbyist Digital Artist
The manikins were the saddest part of this game. I really felt sorry for them, so I sided with them in my first play through.
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rinpoo-chuang - Would you please contact me about dragon-hurlant. Would like to purchase right to use in book. Thanks. eddrake7@gmail.com
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Question: Why is he driving his fingernails into his hands? Sheer anger? Representing how physical attacks in the game drain your HP? Just because?

Not that it really matters. Very impressive work.
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MelyssaThePunkRockerHobbyist Traditional Artist
Beautiful and creepy, the perfect combination!
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DarkJazmin11Hobbyist General Artist
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wow this is so beautiful the game is one of the best i have ever played and i just love how this is done i love the detail in the background and his eyes came out so perfect this is the best piece of art i have seen of Lucifer's call been done on here for sure.
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One of my favourite games. The style is very different from Kaneko's, but very insteresting.
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xXGenyaArikadoXxHobbyist Artist
F***ing Masterpiece! :heart:
I need to get this game!
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Good Idea ^_^
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Very cool...I'm envious of your technique.
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:omg: This is absolutely amazing!! I don't even know where to begin. The expressions, the poses, the colors, the composition, everything is so skillfully put together. I really admire this. It's a fantastic tribute to one of the most memorable parts of the game, as well as just Nocturne as a whole.
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Wow, this picture looks so intense! Hitoshura's anatomy looks really good here and the shading is amazing.
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Just buy the game and love it. And I love it's fanart. Thank you for this artwork.^_^
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The dark, gritty style really captures the moment marvelously. The way the blood flows from his hands almost reminds me of the strings of a puppet. :o Love the intensity of the protagonist's eyes.
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this really is amazing. I just got past this sence in the game... DAMN I was mad, I love those guys, I don't wanna spoil anything so i will shut up.
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Awesome, better than most of the official art
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FiendRaphaelHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh my..this is the first Nocturne pic I've seen. Beautiful work. Awesome game.
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