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Dragon Sabre

Oh merde un autre dragon >.>

Female dragon , young. Type of dragon could be named "Gargoyle-dragon" because of their stone-like appearance.

Super not sharpened bent katana used to cut-off one of the Yautjas in "Predators".
Drawing was done 2 years ago about.
If I ever have to draw a dragon now (which did not happen for a while now) it would probably look different I guess.
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This is... this is awesome work i like it :D
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Such a great piece of work!
she is so beautiful. good grief, if only i was a dragon, although i bet Paarthurnax from Skyrim would be a good boyfriend for her ;D
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i do it xD
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wow! mindblowing art..
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This is epic :3
brian-mitra's avatar
NICE! Way, WAY better than my drawing of Dragon lol! How!!! Nice!!! :))
SaitouuRyuuji's avatar
:D this looks so amazing. Great job on the shading, I i just love this dragon.
Vivial's avatar
Can I use it?
RolueVasReisa's avatar
Very very beautiful Dragon =D Love the colors and details with this <3
Variji's avatar
I really love this dragon`s style. Too sad you won`t paint a new one for a while =(
DrakePlatinum's avatar
Well Done I like it!
Xoshen's avatar
I really really love the head!
Cippoui's avatar
im4ger360's avatar
A Demure dragon in appearance.
QuietDuna's avatar
reiq's avatar
what is she doing talking on the phone?
Reikakuzan's avatar
WOW! I love her! could you draw a dragon for me?
Pongii's avatar
it's is beautiful *-*
xdragongirl55x's avatar
o.o I wish I could draw like that T_T
gaju123's avatar
WoW! I just discovered your works today and each and every one of them is much too gorgeous for words... Thank you for sharing them with us...
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