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Sun Oct 6, 2013, 8:11 AM
PSYCHE by RinoTheBouncer

A journey through the darkness and light of life from the perspective of the human soul. PSYCHE is visual work of art that aims to present an unbiased look at life from the perspective of the soul not the body. The darkness in this chapter of a greater project is portrayed by various colors according to their phase. Black and White both represent darkness: The darkness made obvious to the naked eye and the sugar-coated darkness that is non-differentiable from light to the naive soul. PSYCHE delves into the various aspects of life; religion, politics, social life, sexuality, love, fear, security, power, revenge, right and wrong. To the human vessel, the body, love is series of bio-chemical compounds while to the soul, it's a fire needing fuel from a partner to survive. Otherwise, it would feed on the flesh of it's vessel, leading to the demise of the two. 

An initial track listening is confirmed for the visual experience "PSYCHE" on Reno's official Twitter account. The partial set list includes a 3 themes from the "Mass Effect" Trilogy video games. It is yet to be announced, what connection will the visual experience bear to the mentioned video game franchise but as of now, the announce part of the setlist includes: 1. VIGIL 2. M4, pt.2 3. Mars However, not every song will have it's own video, some may be used as introductions or for promotional purposes. Reno confirmed that the video is not a music video but a video installment with a corresponding song, yet the video(s) will bear a whole different title but share the same message with the song.


PETRICHOR has been announced as the lead visual single off the PSYCHE project. Petrichor means 'Scent of the Rain' or 'The smell of rain on soil or stones' and the project is confirmed to represent the inner struggle for freedom, recognition, struggle and survival. Scent of the Rain is a symbolic concept for the tears and the blood falling off a downed victim on the soil and stones their soul was crushed against. "When we fall, we lose hope and will to go on and when we our survival instinct changes us, we refuse what we are and seek to create a new persona, a stronger version that will get up and avenge your old self. The scent of the rain represents the birth of a new persona and the scent of the blood and sweat, represents the past self". It is also confirmed that the video will share the same universe with Reno's 2009 hit with Patrick "NOT GONNA GET US".  

VIGIL Art Film:

The upcoming project from PSYCHE is titled VIGIL. An art-film based on a true story. The artwork has been revealed on Reno's official Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts. "It's part romance, part action, part sci-fi conceptual film done in the them of the MASS EFFECT video game franchise." Reno explained when asked about the genre about the upcoming project. No release has been announced so far but Reno tweeted that he's "getting new teeth, tonight" for PSYCHE. So the project is growing slowly, building up to be released as parts.

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Personal Feature: The Queen of Music, Madonna - Photographed by me: 

Madonna by RinoTheBouncer by RinoTheBouncer


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Skin by Ikue (modified by RinoTheBouncer)
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October 6, 2013