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Princess of Tenebrae

By RinoaMao
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Sheila Knight's cosplay of Stella Nox Fleuret from Final Fantasy Versus XIII
Photo by Saikit and Henry
Styling by Maria

This isn't a screenshot, a comparison with the original is here:

Google street view of our photoshoot location in Toronto:

*Featured on Playstation UK Magazine Issue 57
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Good old times. Just enjoy this pic while playing Somnus Instrumental, trust me, it feels good.
I recently finished FFXV and only now i'm noticing that Stella had a better background story development in a trailer than Luna in the whole FFXV game...
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This is super cool! It looks so much like the game trailer. :love:
xX-Fantasia's avatar
amazing, thought it was the real thing
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Incredible! It really looks like a screenshot of the game...
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I've seen good cosplays (nearly accurate ones), but nothing like this. I have to use the word perfection to describe this cosplay. You reflect Stella's image in the game perfectly and the city and moon are spot on. Amazing Job!
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I'm... not sure where to be more impressed by the video game... or the cosplay. On one hand, you just proved that the game graphics are great enough to be mistaken for real life. On the other hand, you cosplayed it so perfectly that it's almost impossible to tell the difference without foreknowledge.

Just... wow. O.O
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So Realistic! :O Great Job!
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this is a COSPLAY?! holy SHIT, i thought it was a screencap! o_____o amazing job!!!
Nragemachine's avatar
Wow what an amazing photograph!
stevemacqwark's avatar
It's a good thing the setting of the upcoming game is a modern day city.
TwilightRoxas013's avatar
omg when i first saw this(someone showed it to me) i thought it was an improvemnt of the graphics of the actual game xD
but then i realised 'holy cows its real'!!

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wow! The buldings, the moon, the girl cosplaying they all look like the scene! Very nice!
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im just so inlove with you right now D:
awesome cosplay!!!!!!!!!!
myuupyuu's avatar
Very impressive! I walk by this street almost everyday and I'm surprised there weren't any cars during your shoot ahaha
wow words fail at the sight
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Very impressive. A larger res would be great.
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Shorten hair about 4 inches, need better boots, and the CG model's ears spans higher up then the real model. Body types match, very well. But the face doesn't match. Nothing a little power wont fix. I also love that the view of the moon with the buildings is almost on par. Good eye. Nice first try.
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Wonderful job, I really like how you've reconstructed this to the actual screenshot. :)
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