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BLAME! - Killy
My realistic take on Killy from Tsutomu Nihei's manga series, BLAME! He's more closely aligned to his manga aesthetic than the Netflix anime, since I really like his appearance from the manga. 

I haven't painted anything digitally in a long time, so this is a welcome result due to a lot of trial and error, re-painting, and tons of staring at my face in the mirror to understand light and shadow and the facial landmarks when lit. Pretty happy with it, as Killy looks very close to how I'd see him if he was real.

Note: Re-uploaded the picture. It was showing up super dark on my tablet, so I checked on my work computer during lunch today and it had the same issue. I adjusted the lighting to match what I see on my laptop (which is the computer I used while painting this). 

Painted in openCanvas.
BLAME! - Killy Fighting
There are two things that got me into Nihei's BLAME! way back in the day (early 2000s for me, I think): (1) Architectural marvels with the City/Megastructure, and (2) Killer action scenes, particularly when Killy gets involved with his GBE. As a fan, I've been trying to nail down both while doing fanart but it's been hard. I have trouble with perspective and envisioning non-organic environments, and my human anatomy is not quite there. However, recently, I've been studying the large-format reprints of the manga again and also posing and re-posing my Killy action figure to understand how he looks from different angles.

Commence my drawing of this piece from yesterday (4/14/2018) in which said action figure got posed with this composition in mind. Killy's outfit is a mix of the Netflix/action figure's suit and the ones from the manga (which I love for how cool they look). Gotta work on my Megastructure some more.

Killy & BLAME! belong to Tsutomu Nihei
BLAME! - Killy #1 and #2
Still in my BLAME! moment right now, so I did two drawings of Killy using gel pens. I decided to focus more on his silhouette for this one, and for the second pose, I used the 1000toys Killy action figure I got recently. It's rather badass using that to help establish the character pose (especially if it's a bit more difficult to nail the anatomy correctly).

Killy & BLAME! by Tsutomu Nihei
The moment as a storyteller/writer/artist when your character astonishes you with a major reveal -

Me (while puzzling out this particular main character): So, why did you become an assassin, Akira?

Akira Ishikawa: Because Tak died.

Me (internal thought is boggled): Wait - *That* Takeshi?

Akira: Takeshi Ogawa, who else?

Me: I did not see that coming. But why did you -?

Akira: He died and I wasn't there to protect him, and it's his old man's fault. I wanted to kill him for what he did to him.

Me: Did you? Was that your first kill?

Akira: No. The old man cheated us. Got drunk and fell into the river.

Me: So, you were bros with Tak and Eiji?

Akira: Yeah, I was. With Tak before he killed himself. Still am with Eiji.

Me: How'd he take it? Tak's suicide, I mean.

Akira: He was busy. Couldn't even go to the funeral or talk to Ryuichi. I was angry at him, too.

Me: So you became an assassin after that?

Akira: Anger was the only thing I knew. I didn't want people like his old man alive. So I did what I could.

Me: Are you regretting it now?

Akira: I don't know. That's not something I can answer right now.
  • Listening to: Hotel Dusk/Last Window
  • Reading: Icelandic Sagas
  • Drinking: Ice water


Ann Koo
United States
Favourite genre of music: VGM, techno, goa trance, Celtic, orchestral
Favourite photographer: Ansel Adams, Man Ray
Favourite style of art: Classical, Russian Constructivism, Art Nouveau
MP3 player of choice: Using CD player now
Wallpaper of choice: FFT PSP edition wallpapers. More Yoshida is good.
Favourite cartoon character: Reki (Haibane Renmei), Ichise (Texhnolyze), Killy (BLAME!), Zouichi Kanoe (Biomega)
Personal Quote: Can I roll a D20?


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