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「Oh, how unfortunate! How unfortunate it is!」
「For the culprit... is none other than myself.」

------------------------「少年Bは犯罪者」by 文月透 ---------------------

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! How long has it been since I've done this kinda intro?

So, I made an idol OC because I got inspired by people's OCs--and because I wanted to make an OC idol unit with people, which, my friend and I on LINE are starting a relay to audition the members right now! Message me if you're interested and I'll give you our contacts.

This guy's name is, as written in the artwork itself, Tooru Fumizuki!
I positioned him as the one of the lead vocals and songwriter in his unit, and my headcanon voice for him is Natsuki Hanae--you know, Kaneki's seiyuu (he also voices Higekiri from Touken Ranbu, Akama Yuuto from Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku, and other characters) because I think his voice suits Tooru-kun and his character.

This artwork is a concept I made for his self-composed solo song, "Shounen B ha Hanzaisha" (which you can see the non-romanized title in the artwork itself) which I'd imagine makes use of some jazzy tunes? Some trumpets and a nice bass sound, but also has a rock-ish vibe. I don't know how to explain it, I have pretty good ears for listening to music but I can't actually make them... Hence I don't know many musical terms, lol.

I actually made him after reading about murder cases in Japan and listening to ShuuenPro songs on repeat (particularly Kanzen Hanzai Love Letter) so, well, his personality's kinda messed up. In fact, I made him with a "two-faced" image in mind--he appears gentle, friendly and pleasant normally but he's... darker than that. You know, he's the type to say that "the world is ending" with a bright smile. Those kinds of people who you can't really tell what they're thinking about because of how much they smile? Yep.

I also made him have heterochromic eyes as a symbolism for the fact that he's two-faced... speaking of which, one of my OCs who also have heterochromia--Allen-- also have two sides to himself even though I wasn't really thinking deeply when making him. Am I a genius? Nah, can't be.

Also, he's the "jack of all trades and master of none" in the group--like, he could've been the leader of his unit (as I'm the one in charge and all) but I decided it would be "in character" for him to give that position up to others who he deemed better-suited than him. He's way too aware of what he can and can not do, to the point of underestimating himself even in the fields he actually excels at. He also could see others' talents better than his own.
He's a bit of a confusing character, much like Takuto. But I think it'll be fun roleplaying as him and figuring out how he would act in certain situations.

Lastly, have a Face Close-Up!
I hope you had a nice day, and I'll see you again soon!
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Yep! Thank you!
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You're welcome. :D