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Relaxation Gone Wrong by LittleGnocchi Relaxation Gone Wrong :iconlittlegnocchi:LittleGnocchi 70 10 V by Raichiyo33 V :iconraichiyo33:Raichiyo33 5,194 109 Youth Spell for Bio571 by NormalDeviant
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Top 10 Mythical Creatures of Winter, Ice, and Snow
With Thanksgiving behind us and December now upon us with Christmas on its way, I thought it would be fun to share a particular passion of mine! As many of you know, I'm super fascinated with mythical creatures of winter, ice and snow. (After all, my entire DA account is pretty much dedicated to ice dragons.) So, to celebrate the coming of winter, here are my personal top 10 mythical creatures of ice and the winter season!
Rules: Only creatures of folklore, folk legend, and myth will be included here. Modern 20th- and 21st-century creations known to be fictional won't end up on this. So no modern ice dragons, icy movie monsters, living snowmen, flying reindeer, ice type Pokemon, ect. We're not looking at modern pop culture but only the icy mythologies of the world, both popular and obscure.
Warning: If you are prone to nightmares, this might be a post you want to skip or skim. You have been warned. But the #7 and #1-3 are fun and not nightmare-inducing, so maybe just skip to them. Up t
:iconwhisperthewolfie:WhispertheWolfie 46 5
VVITCH by jedrek841 VVITCH :iconjedrek841:jedrek841 14 1 Older Pines by GlancoJusticar Older Pines :iconglancojusticar:GlancoJusticar 1,679 79
I Live With A Witch (Chapter 1)
"Wake up, sleepy head!"
"Oh, come on." I moaned.
"The sun is rising, and I need someone to go get some apples from the orchard out back."
"Good luck with that then." I muttered. There was silence for a moment.
"Would you like to know how cold the pond is today?" My eyes flew open in terror. "Cause, I got a nice bucket of water from the pond..."
"I'M UP! I'M UP!" I hollered, darting up in the queen size bed. I threw the blankets off of my body and jumped out of bed. My clothes were already on, because I had never taken them off from last night. My T-shirt was wrinkled from being slept in and my jean shorts were at risk of slipping off my waist. I quickly pulled them up and looked around the room. I looked at the foot of the bed to see a young girl my age standing there with a bucket in her hand.
She was almost as tall as I was with a very slim body. She had long silver hair that was unmade and fell just bellow her shoulder. Her eyes were a deep shade of red and her smile was big and hap
:iconthe-knight-writer:The-Knight-Writer 76 16
Demo Reel aka Apatite by EvilFrenzy Demo Reel aka Apatite :iconevilfrenzy:EvilFrenzy 30 2 ranma 1/2 by sakimichan ranma 1/2 :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 13,463 568
Raised Again (Chapter 1)
James was sitting silently on the park bench. The weather was sunny and a light breeze was blowing silently past his face. He had a habit of always keeping his surroundings in mind, as he could never tell if something could be happening that he’d want to see or be a part of. James stretched and leaned back a little, and looked around again, to see if he could spot Rachel. Rachel was his really close friend who was in college with him. They used to hang out all the time, but due to all the work they’ve had, he’s been unable to see her. Today would be the first day in a few weeks that he’d gotten to see her.
“James!” James spun around to see Rachel standing behind him, smiling kindly. She was a little shorter than James with long dark hair and an oriental look to her. She had dark, almond shaped eyes, and a friendly expression.
“Hey, Rachel!” James beamed, turning around and hugging Rachel happily. “How’re you?”
:icongabrielraven:GabrielRaven 225 43
Metamorphosis (Chapter 1)
Chapter 1
"Chase, it's time to get up!" I rolled over, not wanting to get out of bed. I was so comfortable…in fact, I had slept better tonight than I had slept in a long time. For so many nights now I had slept so uncomfortably…and I would only sleep for maybe 3 or 4 hours at a time. Part of the reason was because my bed was a bit too small for me. The twin size bed was fine when I was still 6 feet tall…but now I'm 6 feet and 5 inches and athletically built! My feet dangle off of the sides and I can never get comfortable. Then there are the nightmares and thoughts that fill my head. The thoughts of going to school…and the people that were there. It seems odd, right? I mean, why would someone like me be afraid of my peers at high school. The fact wasn't that I wasn't really afraid of them…they were afraid of me.
I'm not a bad person! I'm no bully! In fact, for the first part of freshman and sophomore year…I was beating down on the bullies
:iconthe-knight-writer:The-Knight-Writer 526 119
Past Sins - Prelude by SkorpionLetun Past Sins - Prelude :iconskorpionletun:SkorpionLetun 23 1


Two Week Coin Toss
This is a cover for a piece called "Two Week Coin Toss" by BananaPoodle…

Book description: "A group of young men and women are diagnosed with the mysterious Tiresias Syndrome, which causes their bodies to change to those of the opposite sex. There's a 50% chance that in two weeks they'll turn back to normal, if not they'll remain that way for the rest of their lives."

The Female Me
This is a cover for a piece called "The Female Me" by Adam Cooper.…

Book description: "
Craig, an unpopular misfit is terrified as he is about to attend his high school Prom despite being a dateless wonder. All that changes after discovering an old mirror in the attic which shows him a reflection of his female self and a portal to an alternate reality where his life is very different…"
Know All Your Enemies
This is a cover for a piece called "Know All Your Enemies" by Clarity.…

Book description: "
Peter, a shapeshifting intelligence operative, sets out to solve a series of grisly murders, only to have his investigation derailed when he gets locked in the disguise of a young girl."


Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
United States
I'm mainly a filmmaker, but this is where most everything else goes.

:iconrequestfriendsonly: :iconarttradesfriendsonly: :iconnocommissions:
Tagged once again, this time by :iconcerko: .  I'll do the questions but not tagging anyone else cause I'm lazy ._.

1. What... is your favorite color?
Blue and Yellow, but not together.

2. Who is best pony?(can be oc's or from fanfic aswell)
Luna, dun

3. If you were stuck on an island with me, Twilight Sparkle, and Blueblood, what would you do first?
survival mode would kick in: 1. Fire  2. Food  3. Shelter  4. Trap Blueblood in sandpit.

4. Name the most awesome Anime(or cartoon if you don't watch anime) you have ever seen.
Negima or Hollic

5. If you have 3 apples, 4 oranges, an Elephant, the Grinch, and Bill Cosby in a 3x5 room, how long will it take to get from here to there on a banana?
None, Bill Cosby would eat them all after the Grinch stole them all while riding the Elephant.

6. Of all creatures from any myth, which one would be the coolest to have as a pet?
Talking Ermine

7. Snow or corn flakes(no icing)?
Snow. Duh.

8. I'm running out of ideas, what should I ask?
Ask me if I'm a walrus.

9. That's a good one, now answer it.

10. Free sample?


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