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Its time to finally say this.
Hey guys! VA Bobby G/Nukarulesthehouse1 here. :) I been thinking lately about something. This is something that will be surprising for some of you. And I can truly hope you all can understand. 
I have recently lost interest in MLP:FIM. Now before you panic, this does not mean its permanant. Its only temporary until then. I am just taking a small break from MLP for a bit and for many reasons as well. I still love the show. I still think it has great story, great characters, and I grew up with the show. :heart: In fact, this show has taught me a lot of things about friendship and I made a lot of friends who are bronies. ^^ One of them is my beloved girlfriend Olwyn. However ... Season 8 has been a mix bag season for me and I am worried for the future for the series. Plus, I am not a fan of reforming most of the villains in the show. Sorry guys. D: Reformed villains will work if you do them right. I don't like rushed reformed villains. Equestria Girls does it very bad, especually in
:iconnukarulesthehouse1:Nukarulesthehouse1 4 6
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guys im scared to draw my shiningdash kid

i made him a hybrid.  of Unicorn and Pegasus. Yes. He's an alicorn *waits for rain of garbage*
....I might have to write some Cadence fluff, detailing all the feels she had the night her little birdicorn hatched... Novo just wanted to sleep but Cadence was like a child on coffee to finally meet the wrinkly, featherless lump of baby girl she waited for so long.

"Sweet Child O Mine" will be the title.
The second of Four Royal Children, Princess Yen, has been drawn!

VwV she's so ugly to me tho...I wanted her to be fancier like Novo...
Princess Yen
The second of four royal Children, Princess Yen is the daughter of Queen Novo and Princess Cadence. After the troubled annulment of Cadence and Shining Armor's marriage, Queen Novo stepped forward to reveal herself as Princess Cadence's new betrothed only a mere half-year after the planned wedding. Cadence seemed absolutely smitten, and Celestia was glad to give her  blessing to an old friend and her niece. However, when news arrived of the Heir arriving the next year, ponies were...skeptical. None knew if a cross between a hippogriff and an alicorn would survive.... Yen survived, but she was very shy from her public, almost wanting nothing to do with them. The only time the young princess would be seen was with both her parents.. or with the Crystaller and her guard.

Voice Claim: Emma Watson

Fun Facts about Yen:

*It is unknown if the princess can even speak at all. (She can. You'll all see one day.)

*She is the only hippogriff that lacks a seapony form entirely. There was no shard of the pearl given.

*As the sole Hippogriff unable to visit Seaquestria, she is blissfully unaware of Skystar's jealousy. She also is sadly unaware of the rest of her kingdom below the waves.

*When Novo has to visit Seaquestria, Yen is inconsolable.

*The tuft of feathers on her chest is almost a grim reminder of how stuck on land and sky she truly is. It is no wonder Yen looks unhappy in both places.

*Yen was born second of all the royals, but takes the longest to go through her childhood. (No one could have told Cadence just how long her new baby was gonna be like a foal/chick )
and now I gave Patch a tumblr. this is going to go over like a pig turd. Flat.


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
~*Call me The Patchwork Pony *~

I am 26! I am a PROUD FURRY. There are closeted furries everywhere scared to share who they are. Reach out a paw to newfurs. Say No To Furry Haters!

I am wholeheartedly proud to say I am part of the Herd, through and through. Message me about ponies, I'd LOVE to chat! :) I hope to create more brony content in the future.

I also enjoy Steven Universe, and have geared more of my art projects towards that fandom. I still enjoy ponies tho!

Please use he/him when addressing me. Thank you!

Current Residence: Midway, Arkansas...MY HOUSE.
Favourite genre of music: Techno, Brony tunes(any kind) EFFING ELECTROSWING OMG <3
Favourite photographer: Gonna say Ben Moon. Saw the Denali vid last night.
Favourite style of art: Anime Style, MLP, Steven Universe
Operating System: Windows 8.1 for the comp, Insanity 6.9 for my brain.Lol.
MP3 player of choice: pshht don't have one bro
Shell of choice: Koopa Shell.
Wallpaper of choice: The colors of my brain. The ones it shows me when my eyes close.
Skin of choice: I would skin :D
Favourite cartoon character: Princess Luna of MLP, PERIDOT OF STEVEN UNIVERSE<3
Personal Quote: CUZ THE AIR IS SOLID :icongaspplz: (Old), Sorry, not sorry. (Now)

Don't mess with my waifu.

Best Siren:

Fave Ships:

  • Listening to: Music of various genres
  • Reading: Text on the Screen
  • Watching: Nothing
  • Playing: Pokemon Infinite Fusion
  • Eating: N/A
  • Drinking: Water
Fun Facts About Yellow Roses:

*Despite being a hardworking, apple-bucking earth pony, he got feminine and slender traits from his unicorn mama. He even inherited a unicorn tail!

*Yellow Roses and Antares met in school, when Yellow Roses was being bullied for looking girly and odd. Antares came to his defense by stating if slender legs and leonine tails were girly, then he was just as girly. More so for his updo. Many colts shut up after this. He was a Prince.

*Yellow Roses unsurprisingly plays a Bard in O&O. It is dual classed with a Fighter, however.

*For all his lovely songs, he finds it hard to be honest about his feelings, much like his father Big Mac.

*He inherited the Apple Family Hat-Wearing Gene.


Fun Facts about Prairie Whistle

*Fluttershy almost didn't think the big headed hybrid or herself would make it. Both did, to all's surprise.

*Prairie Whistle sports the largest horns among the bovine races of the Plains Tribes. She has won the right to compete with Prince Rutherford someday in Hornlock.

*She does have wings, but are too small to support her in flight. They do provide the wonderful whistling for which she was named.

*Most of her infancy, she was bound to a neckbrace until her neck muscles developed more to support her horns.

*Her mothers often got into small arguments over what they were to do with their strange daughter.. until they heard her singing from inside and simultaneously got her cutie mark for country music.


Fun Facts about Merry May

*Despite her fathers' warm golden orange coats, she's a stark Delphinium blue. They account it to whatever gene is giving Flash his blue mane or some secret ancestor of Sunburst's.

*Merry May is happiest when the crystal flowers bloom...which happens in her birth month of May.

*Flash is Mum. This embarrasses the guardspegasus to no end. She abuses this sometimes.

*Merry May is strangely in tune with the Crystal Heart , and is often getting strong sensations like premonitions from it. She is Royal Crystaller and part of Castle Advisory staff for this talent.

*Merry sometimes turns transparent when really close to the Crystal Heart. No one understands the phenomena, but Merry proceeds in her duties unflinching.


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