Just wanted everyone to know that I will be cleaning up the gallery. I will be removing any pictures that contain 'Screen Shots', meaning pictures from the actual show being used in 'art'. I want this gallery to be filled with actual ART, not something edited from the TV.

Thank you all for understanding :)

Nothing much else to say other than keep submitting guys XD

However, recently I found out about an auction that is going on for some items relating to Rini/Chibi Usa :3 Anyways check out the item here: unconventionalsenshi.deviantar… And here it is for up on Ebay: cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?… Go check it out and see if you're interested in purchasing it :D It's a very nice card :3

That's really it XD Like I said, keep submitting!:w00t: See ya!:heart:


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