Rini-Chibiusa Club Sign by Magical-Mama

Hi there, everyone!

I just wanted to remind you all that I have made many folders to keep all of our pictures nice and neat :heart:

Please do your best to submit your art into the correct folder!

These are the available folders:

:bulletpink:Featured: We're keeping this folder for our club avatar

:bulletorange:School Uniform: Any pictures of Chibiusa/Rini wearing a school uniform

:bulletyellow:Casual Wear: Chibiusa/Rini wearing ANYTHING other than Battle Fuku, School Uniforms, or her Royalty Gowns...You may also put nude pictures into this category unless you think we should make a separate folder :)

:bulletgreen:Chibi Moon: Chibi Moon wearing her first Battle Fuku

:bulletblue:Super Chibi Moon: Chibi Moon wearing her Super Battle Fuku

:bulletpurple:Eternal Chibi Moon: Chibi Moon wearing her Eternal Battle Fuku

:bulletpink:Other Fuku Variations: Chibi Moon wearing any other battle fuku other than what has be previously listed

:bulletyellow: Princess Chibiusa-Royalty Form: Chibiusa/Rini wearing her princess gowns, this includes pictures of her as the future queen :heart:

:bulletgreen:Wicked-Black Lady: Any pictures of Rini/Chibiusa as Wicked/Black Lady

:bulletblue:Wands and Power Items: This would include Transformation Brooches, Luna-P, Wands, Staffs, ect...

:bulletpurple:Future Children of Chibiusa/Rini: Any fan children that you have made up for Chibiusa/Rini would go here

:bulletpink:Fanfics: Any fan fiction you have made STARRING Chibiusa/Rini would go here, fan comics would also go into this folder :meow:

:bulletyellow: Cosplay-Any Form: ANY photos of REAL PEOPLE dressed in Chibiusa/Rini costumes would go in this folder regardless of which form it is :)

:bulletgreen: Merchandise and Custom Items: Any photos you have of Chibiusa/Rini merchandise that you own would go here. Handmade and custom stuff can also go into this folder.

:bulletblue: Artistic Nude-Any TASTEFUL nude pictures of Rini/Chibiusa

:new: :bulletpurple: Swim Suit and Mermaid Forms- Any pictures of Rini/Chibiusa in a swim suit (or scuba gear) or as a mermaid

:new: :bulletpink: Elegant Wear-Any pictures of Rini/Chibiusa wearing an elegant dress that is NOT her princess gown

:new: :bulletorange: Pajamas-Nightwear- Any pictures of Rini/Chibiusa wearing Pajamas, nightgowns, or lingerie

:new: :bulletyellow: Rini/Chibiusa Dressed as Another Character- Any pictures of Rini/Chibiusa dressed up as a DIFFERENT CHARACTER. An example: Rini/Chibiusa dressed as Card Captor Sakura  

I hope this will help everyone! And if you do submit into the wrong folder by accident, please let me know so I can fix it right away and keep our gallery pretty! :love:

Thank you for you time!

Chibiusa Pictures, Images and Photos

Chibiusa Banner Pictures, Images and Photos
Just wanted everyone to know that I will be cleaning up the gallery. I will be removing any pictures that contain 'Screen Shots', meaning pictures from the actual show being used in 'art'. I want this gallery to be filled with actual ART, not something edited from the TV.

Thank you all for understanding :)

Nothing much else to say other than keep submitting guys XD

However, recently I found out about an auction that is going on for some items relating to Rini/Chibi Usa :3 Anyways check out the item here: unconventionalsenshi.deviantar… And here it is for up on Ebay: cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?… Go check it out and see if you're interested in purchasing it :D It's a very nice card :3

That's really it XD Like I said, keep submitting!:w00t: See ya!:heart:


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