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The Cullens



Oh my GAWD. It's finally done. Haha. I've had this image in mind ever since I started drawing everyone's portraits.

Esme: Who stuck that there? 0_0
Edward: *snicker snicker* >:3
Bella: OMG!!! 0____0!!! Edwaaaaaaard!!! T___T;;;;
Emmett: Is that a sheep? ^__^;
Rosalie: *rolls eyes*
Alice: Awww, I love your pajamas, Bella! :heart:
Jasper: Not a very flattering picture, I must say.
Carlisle: Well, at least it adds some color to our family picture... *stifles a laugh*

The font of "good morning, Bella!" is called "Edwardian Script". I never really paid attention to fonts.... until now. @_@ haha.

The Cullens © Stephenie Meyer
Marble texture © Mayang
Frame © Google

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They should get an old-timey portrait of Bella and put it up there, hahaha. But still keep the Polaroid.