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Rosalie : Unhappy Ending



Oh well, at least she gets to be pretty forever? @_@;

Drawn quite messily on paper, scanned, then outlined & shaded on photoshop cs2

Rosalie © Stephenie Meyer

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Twilight has actually been a huge help to me in writing my own epic fantasy series.  Mostly by showing me what NOT to do.  Case in point; if my main character somehow stumbled into the Twilight Zone (pun intended) after hearing Rosalie talk about being under gravestones he would ask, "How in hell's name is being DEAD a happy ending?"

Not only that but if she told him her backstory afterwards he would ask, "And did you get your revenge?  Do you now have a place to belong?  If so then what reason do you have to whine?"  He would then show her his arm (which let's just say wouldn't be considered "dazzling") and tell her, "I never asked for this either. But I live with it."