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Parol Tree

I drew something for an environmental column (Haribon) that came out in the local newspaper (Manila Times) yesterday, and this was my original concept... but people said it didn't look too environmental-ish, so I changed the stars into birds. O_O (and used this version as a Christmas card instead @_@ Ahaha... talk about lazy ^^; )

Those huge stars hanging from the tree are called "Parol".

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone~!
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i am so happy that a fellow Filipino decided to share their Christmas culture with the whole world(and yes this filipino loves pokèmon)
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nice one can i used this po for christmas party ng mga kids sa bulakan po thnks
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para saan mo siya gagamitin?
Hi Rinian,

I love this drawing so much.
I could't help but use it in my funny story about Ryan Seacrest on my blog. here's the link:

I know, I know, you're thinking, "what the heck does my wonderful tree illustration have to do with Ryan Seacrest?"

It's a noteworthy question. I ask myself the same question.

Ifyou really hate it i will, of couse act in deference to you, the artist, and take it down, but I hope you have the same sense of humour that i do.

Love your work.

sincerely, craig
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hi craig, thank you for asking. i would really appreciate it if you took down the images. sorry, i find it a bit inappropriate for my artwork so i hope you understand!
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it kinda reminds me of addam and eve
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it's beautiful! =) you always do such an amazing job. =)
xXSaltAndPepperXx's avatar
aww so cute. its my new background. :) :glomp:
EvaRusso's avatar
the colours are incredible! great work! :iconbigheartplz:
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this is beautiful!
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It's so pretty.

Thank you, Happy holidays!
stoppollutionnow's avatar
womderfully cute adn simple and childish. i want one fo those cards.
oh eya and since its haribon it probably should have more birds :giggle:
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This is really cute!
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this is adorable! I love the soft colors
CharsPurplePants's avatar
So pretty! Great job! :D
Brujitaloveskurama's avatar
this is so beauty! and fantastic piece <3
girlycows's avatar
i love the way your art looks and the colors are great! the parol are cool
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You have captured the atmosphere , just right. Love the sky and the tree with the ornaments in it.
Excellent work.
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the parols became birds? they're cute, though! love the vine-looking plants below.
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It's so pretty!
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I think it looks very environmental-ish. D:

But it's still nice, anyway. :3
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its beautiful..........................................................
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