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This was supposed to be for January 1st, but I was busy so I only finished it now. At least I made it in time for Chinese new year. :XD:

Anyway, here's to a hopefully productive and happy year.

Happy New Year y'all! :) 新年快乐~

medyo SABOG yung colors. @_@ no pun intended. lol. ^^;
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haha~ thanks! :heart:
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this is insanely beautiful! I love the fire works!
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This wonderful deviation is featured here [link]
Hope you don´t mind.
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Not at all. Thanks for the feature, and happy new year to you too! :)
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Teh fireworks are so beautiful!!!
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Great job on the fireworks.
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WOW!that's amazing!i luv it soooo much and I'll add it to my favs as soon as I finish typing this up. But I need to get some stuff on here. My sketchbooks are just building up!:yawn: :bored:
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This is so beautiful. Nice choice of coulors.
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This is so beautiful, I love the colors! You did a great job with this!
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The fireworks are so beautiful!
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It's magical, reminds me of innocent childhood
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wow, you did really get the firewoks to look "real", great one ! =)
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thats so cuteee :)
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Hey, Love your work, very cute! But how did you do that? Was it on the compuer? I wasn't sure from looking at it.
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Its so...beautiful! :iconhappytearsplz: I is pwnliciously speechless.
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cool do you celebrate chinese new year?
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I'm Chinese, so yes! :)
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...your chinese? :?
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chinese/filipino? :?
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yeah~ fil-chi. are you one too? =p
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oooh, well no, but my cousin is, well, it's good to know more about you though :D
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