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Welcome to the Ringward


Active Players & Characters: Moderators are marked below, any of who can help you with creating characters and joining the group. Stop by the room and say hello! You need a name and a character to get on this roster and join us in the Skype OOC.

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A medieval fantasy role-playing setting hosted on Discord and our DA group page. (Join our Discord: Ringward RP or add StacyKendra.) Anyone and everyone is welcome to come into the chat to watch, ask questions about joining or otherwise, or say hi, even if we're RPing actively at the time. Look for us in the OOC all day or in the RP rooms during our most active hours of 6PM to 2AM Pacific (8PM to 4AM Central). Information about the setting and joining us may be found on our journal - we're ALWAYS recruiting!
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Map of Ochellus, land of the Ringward

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RP Members are welcome to use the group's front page for in character rumors! Just use the following format:

Rumor | Short Title
Known to: List groups of people from who you could easily learn this knowledge in off screen conversation.

The description of the rumor, kept to one or two simple sentences if possible.


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StarBreezeSunSoar Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2017
Rumor | Change in Residence III
Known to: Anyone in the Caloran Tower, or anyone who goes looking for Bixenta.

Some of Bixenta's belongings remain in her quarters in the Caloran Tower, including her sandcat Kosk. But Bixenta herself, Kemen, Frieda, Nox's ring and the knife she slew Argider with are nowhere to be found, nor has there been any sign that she tried to return through the waystone.
Tadcken Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2017
Rumor | Change of Residence II
Known to: Anyone in the Kulden or Caloran Towers

Hagen has departed the Kulden Tower with his meager possessions and he is now residing in the lowest available room of the Caloran Tower.
StarBreezeSunSoar Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2017
Rumor | Change in Residence
Known to: Anyone in the Old Tower, Caloran Tower

Bixenta's belongings, Frieda and Kemen and herself have been relocated to the Caloran Tower.
Rumor | Loss of Limb

One of the trees on the Ringward ground seems to be spontaniously missing three limbs, with the wood somehow 'melted' where the limbs used to be. Servant speculation is that a young, undersized and sneaky dragonling is hiding on the grounds. Or, y'know, a Fallen.
StarBreezeSunSoar Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2017
Rumor | Bawling Baby II
Known to: Anyone in the Old Tower.

Kemen's first bout of colic seems to be over. The noise levels in the tower seem to have returned to normal-baby levels.
Jargh Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2017
Rumor | Supply and Demand
Known to: Anyone, but especially traders and merchants

Due to the hugely disruptive fighting during the succession crisis in El Dit Salada, the price of slaves has been steadily rising across the continent.
Rumor | New Clothes and Odd Jobs
Known to: Anyone in the Ringward

Marshal Bixenta and Disciplinarian Hagen are organizing work crews and uniforms to help establish a sense unity of and pride in the Ringward for the Fallen. Uniforms will be issued to that effect.

Rumor | Won't you Take Me Down, to Punchy Town
Known to: Anyone in the Ringward

Marshal Bixenta intends to oversee training bouts between Fallen using their powers. She has created the position of Master At Arms for Fiske and delegated the task of training the Fallen to fight without powers to him. Both, as well as Hagen are encouraged to provide lessons to nobles.
Tadcken Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2017
Rumor | Screams in the Tower
Known to: Any in or around the clinic at the base of the Kuld Tower

Screams of agony were heard on the evening of Vigilax 17 coming from the clinic. Those passing through will find a sleeping and very overweight Caloran lord guarded by a little slave.
StarBreezeSunSoar Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2017
Rumor | Bawling Baby
Known to: Anyone in the Old Tower.

Kemen has colic. Anyone near the guest rooms that the nursemaid is staying in will likely hear one unhappy baby. 

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