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'Sumer Angel' -Knit Princess

:star: Entry for =MellowStrawberry's Contest! :star:

I know the head is pretty big--I just think too manga and anime when I draw her. Aaaand I try to do something different here. I don't draw her with dress and tights, but with this summer style! :XD:

Knit Princess is belongs to =MellowStrawberry
Line art and coloring by me.
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MP240 series
© 2009 - 2021 ringthebellamy
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your entry looks good

best of luck
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tp kpalanya emang agak kegedean
emm, prasaan jari kakinya agak sedikit aneh
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Kepala kegedean = efek nggambar sambil nelpon.

Hahahaaa aku emang paling ga bisa gambar kaki. Sampe sekarang aja masih berusaha gambar kaki yang yang 'cantik'. BTW, emang agak susah bikin kaki cewek yang mungil gitu... terlalu sering gambar kaki serigala, mungkin? :P
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haha, ebat2
bisa ambil nelpn
tp kaki agak jarang d gambar sih
biasa pake sepatu
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Ah, aku gambar sambil ngapa2in. Nunggu macet, nunggu temen, nunggu lebaran *kenapa jadi nunggu2an semua?* Haha.

Iya. Hidup sepatu, ekekekeke. Selama liburan harus latian gambar kaki yang cantik nih. Kaki anak kecil gitu jarang soalnya, biasanya kaki cewek dewasa yang banyak referencenya di dA. D:
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slalu sambil ngapa2in?
ga pernah waktu luang? =P

kira2 mulai liburnya kpn?
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Seringnya. Minimal sambil nonton film lah. Ahohohohoho.

Ni udah libur. Uhui! :XD:
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he? cepet jg
brp lama liburnya?
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5 hari. Sabtu besok masuk lagi. :)
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Thank youu! :XD: thanks for the fave too! :3
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aww, super cute! And really creative!
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Thank youuu :XD: sorry for the head, and thanks for the fave. :D
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Well her head may be a big bigger than humans in real life, but that doesn't matter at all and she looks very nice, I wish you luck for that contest! :D

Also, if you want to draw something more original than anime, I suggest you to draw eyes and nose with different style, that helps :3
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Thankiiies~ :heart:

Yeah. Eyes and nose. But now I'm teen so maybe change my style would be a bit hard, so the thing that I want to do now is getting my style in anime-manga style. Something like that. :XD:
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You're welcome^^

I see :XD:
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Ohehoahuhaohoho. *ketawa gak jelas*

Makasi makasi. Makasi buat fave-nya juga lho~ :XD:
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I think it turned out very cute I love her little pose :3
You did a great job =D
ringthebellamy's avatar
Yaaay~ thanks! :XD:

Wowowo, just wish me luck for the contest. :)
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Akhirnya ada yg laen selaen wolf...
Anyway baru mau protes kepalanya kegedean wkwkwkwk...
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