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MLP - No hard feelings, Rainbow Dash?

By RingTeam
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One of the last comments I've received said that my negativity of the show was endless, so I ended up doing a fanart of one of my 10 favourite episodes in the show: Over a Barrel.

This episode has some pretty funny moments. Each joke is better than the last one and all characters are very likeable. But the main reason why I love this episode is because of the story. The episode shows a very believable conflict between the buffalo herd and the western ponies. There's no good guy or bad guy like in boring movies like Avatar or District 9. You are invested during the whole episode. They have their own traditions and their own costumes. By the way, watching Pinkie Pie in this episode reminds me of the reason why Pinkie Pie stopped being a unique and likeable character in the seasons 3, 4, 5 and 6 (with some exceptions like Pinkie Pride or Amending Fences).

It's a little better than The one where Pinkie Pie knows, where Pinkie Pie freaks out for 21 minutes, don't you think?

Speaking about My Little Pony, I've already seen that trailer of the fourth movie. Judging from the trailer, it looks awful. The animations still looks really stiff and I don't know about this villain. She or he looks like an OC made with no effort.
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"Welcome friend dash and friend pie. Are you ready for lesbian curiosity?"
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So, are you talking about me? I know I made a similar complaint to what you described.
Nice picture.
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Oh, no. I was talking about other user. But I'd feel bad if I mentioned his nick, although I get the misunderstanding.

Thank you, by the way. ;)
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