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Yay, this will be fun...

A couple of days ago I've made a drawing that wasn't very good. It was about an EG version of Twilight with a big hammer and the pony Twilight hammered with some blood. I had that image in my mind for a week and I thought that, if I draw that, I would be more relaxed.

I was wrong. I was wrong about the intention, about the drawing and about the relaxing sentiment. So I deleted it because I'm sure that I offended some fans of Equestria Girls, even if that wasn't my intention. I didn't mean to offend people. But the drawing itself looks like that. I could have made something different instead of that mean and cruel conclusion. I could have made a EG Twilight teasing Twilight because she doesn't even have a movie about ponies and probably a few people would find that funny. I could have made the Hasbro guy bathed in money for the EG movies and the mane 6 were sad because they didn't receive their first big movie and nothing would have happened. And I'm pretty sure that my drawing is on Derpibooru with tons of downvotes.

The mean context wasn't necessary and the blood wasn't necessary. Twilight looked like she was dead in that drawing, so I made this.

You can like the show and the EG movies. You can like the show and dislike the EG movies. You can even dislike the show and like the EG movies. I even liked the first movie although I didn't like the rest of the movies, specially the second one.

So, I'm sorry. Really. I mean, obviously I have a history with these movies. I hated the second movie a couple of years ago and I don't really like it now. But I still have the feeling that the show was drastically changing as much as, for example, Final Fantasy. Most people didn't like the 13th game, but there's a minority that loved that game. In this case, the fans were changing, the context was changing, the way the stories were told were changing, the sense of humor was changing... yeah, sure it has some great episodes like Crusaders of the lost mark or Rarity takes Manehattan. But... yeah, I think I should have explained that feeling in a better way than an EG Twilight hammering her pony version. I explained that feeling in the past and I received some interesting and unexpected comments.

But, yeah, the damage is already done and I got a long way to fix this.
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