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MLP 67 - Sweetie Belle buys the Dreamcast




In november I've bought the Dreamcast, the last videogame console made by Sega. I usually don't play videogames in the last years (this year I've bought four, to give you an idea). And the most recent pieces of hardware are incredibly expensive. PlayStation 4, Xbox One... So I've bought a Dreamcast which was like 3 or 4 times cheaper.

The comic was a bit based on real life. I received the console in a huge box. I have the controlller, the console, the weird memory card with screen... And the first thing my dad said was "Have you bought a console with no games?". I explained him that I would receive a game in a few weeks. But he still said the same thing many times. Grump  So the story gave me the idea to make this comic.

My first game is Toy Commander. Is a game where I play as some toy vehicles doing some missions. I really like the concept. It reminds me of Toy Story, which is one of my favourite movies of all time. The control of the plane is great, but the control of the car is very slippery. And that can be problematic in some stages. But it's a fun game, and it's very creative.

I still don't have other famous games like Shenmue or Daytona Usa 2001, but that's because they're so expensive.

This is a very basic comic. It was made in november and I wanted to finish it before the year does.

I hope you like it. ;) (Wink) 
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