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Turbine House Crane Bay

By ringshadow
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As the title. This is a crane bay for a turbine housing building, for Unit 1 at DC Cook in Michigan.

Ok, in this case, the turbines are several stories off the ground (I forget the exact elevation, I want to say 500 feet?). There are supply elevators, but sometimes you want to get REALLY heavy loads to the turbine deck, so you back your semi or crawler into this bay, and that crane (it's the red I-beams at the top of the picture) grabs the load and puts it to the deck. I believe the crane itself can handle over 120 tons.

I don't know how useful of a stock image this is. I am just incredibly fond of the lighting in this shot.

Here's the deal. If you use this, let me know please, and no commercial applications without permission. Please do not use this image for anti-nuclear purposes.

I have a stock account now! Go Here for more stock photos from me!
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Hey love the photo I busted my ankle in there last Outage ooh the memories
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Daaang. Way to reset the accident clock man :p
LOL Not a recordable..but due to there being a clear spill and no grip tape on the crane bay stairs..ended up being a quick safety stand down..and some "kind" words to a few union guys who didnt understand clean as you go..
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Well, that had to suck no matter how you went about it. Hope your ankle has since recovered.

I was ice crew for two outages and fell in one of the ice bays. It was only frustrating because I sat the rest of the night off and people I didn't know kept walking up to me "Hey you're the one who fell." Uh, who are you and how did you know that? ><