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Wallpaper :: TARDIS

Number three, a Time Lord's favourite means of transport - though it's also his home, well, after Gallifrey got wiped off the interstellar map, that is.

Ehm. So, have YOU hugged your TARDIS today? :aww: :XD: :giggle:


Doctor Who (c) BBC
textures by [link] and [link]
brushes by knittinggoddess

GIMP 2.4
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LadyAndTardis's avatar
Awe I love hugging my plush TARDIS. This is so cute. 
Symmetry98's avatar
Aww I love it!!
Annanimus's avatar
that's FABULOUS.
nevs89's avatar
I love this so much!
Would you mind if I used this as my tumblr background? :D
Dovahkiin117's avatar
You know what I want?

I want the door to my room to be a police box like the tardis, same size and shape, and it opens up to a big room, a replica of the tardis so it looks like its bigger on the inside. (It would be against a wall of course, with the tardis room behind the police box.)
staticfan101's avatar
That would be so awesome!!! I definately want to do that now. Unfortunately, I think if I did, my parents would have me shipped off to Bedlam.:P:)
:D :heart::heart:
Featherthefurry's avatar
oh my goh that is an absolutly FANTASIC idea!!!!!
MissLunatix's avatar
I love this! hahaha X
Dagger-Kitsune's avatar
A fantastic wallpaper. Simple but awesome at the same time.
LaughingSquid's avatar
thank you. using as my desktop wallpaper now <3
TheSkozo's avatar
A perfect wallpaper i must say
emerald0888's avatar
Yes! yes i have! :hug:
Michelle-Ivy's avatar
Mind if I put this as my background on my twitter profile? :)
OblivionMasquerade's avatar
Odd. Ever since I started watching Doctor Who I've been thinking that however much the Doctor's antics are going to give me high blood pressure, the character I'd most want to give a hug is in fact the TARDIS. Such an unsung hero! And this is an excellent likeness; well done.
xXFireFoxGirlXx's avatar
If I had one I would hug it ALL THE TIME :iconchuuplz:
I'd name it something cute, too. Like Butterscotch. Butterscotch the TARDIS.
mamdragon's avatar
no but know i want too....
BakaSara's avatar
Aww, it's TARDIS love! :heart:
cerberus144's avatar
Yes. Yes I have.
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