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Prospectors facility on Gamma

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Multi-purpose building on Gamma Earth, that houses living quarters for prospectors and facility workers, administration, storage area, teleporting station to earth  Earth(Alpha) and landing spots for flying transport.
Gamma Earth was at first uninhabited, but had lots of mineral resources. Has a lot of mines both legal and illegal.
Work was inspired by "Chronicles of the strange kingdom" - series of fiction books of the ukrainian writer Oksana Pankeeva, that are telling a story of relationship between inhabitants of 6 main and unknown number of another parallel worlds. 

Delta is closed world that depends more on magic, but also have close to pre-technical revolution level of technology.World that was once first home to elves.

Alfa is our Earth, world of humans, but in 22nd century. 

Beta is the world of sharhi, species close to human but somehow different. The world known for their powerful and caring gods.

Epsilon - the world of elves. Looks like people have not more information about it, than that it exists, elves live there,old woods exist there, elves don't allow people visit it, with few exceptions. They also somehow change their guest's memories about Epsilon just before they leave.

Gamma - uninhabited world where huge development of mineral resources is allowed.

Kappa - world, after nuclear apocalypse, that looks like earth in the Fallout game series but it has its secrets.

Visual inspiration - Kryvy Rih quarrys, American canyons. Done with watercolours and watercolour pencils on A2 sized watercolor paper.
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